100 Bars Magazine & Gemski TV **Dying 2 Live Edition featuring Bangz**

Mary Gemski caught up with Bangz after his battle with Kyd Slade at Day 1 of the Heavii TV 2 day Event “Dying 2 Live, Living 2 Die”
Gemski spoke to Bangz about his battle with Kyd Slade, Freestyling, Who is dream battle would be with, who he would like to battle next, his music, and more.



    thank god he dont battle rap one less garbage battle rapper

  • Travisgreen250

    shit straight trash!! glad he dont battle rap “gtfoh”

  • Ken12368

    Naw that shit nice 

  • Vin

    Yung Ill Who is this nigggga?????

  • Trust

    lyrics are good but he gotta work on his delivery a little 

  • Florida Boy

    Well if u battle anything like this song then u gone be battling in Animal House league

  • Jujuhi

    should be titled “What If I Didn’t Rap?” you would actually get a few downloads on dat piff lmao

  • Early

    The funny thing is if it wasnt for battle rap no one would know this guy smh

  • http://twitter.com/ellaykhule RIFLEMAN


  • Rastaman

    It’s not a bad diss tbh. Don’t hate. Though the beat is practically identical to DNA’s:


  • PHAlanx

    That was not a diss…

  • RogerBlack

    “This what happens when Smack don’t screen the clients” – Loaded Lux

  • Neptune

    The Morris Chestnut of rap??? PAUSE NIGGA!!!!!!!


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    B4 me u were only famous to ur local buddies lmao https://t.co/ipT43QoSHR
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  • Voice of battle rap
    RT @Jayblac1615: just got word Norbes holding that @isthismike_p vs Twork footage hostage smh
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    FADE 2017 > FADE 2016 Wanna bet?
  • John John Da Don
    FADE 2017 👀👀👀
  • MR chillackaboo
    These summers made us rip __turnuplord #qmb https://t.co/W9sbGCCguO