1st Annual A3C/URL Rap Battle – [11.04.13 ATLANTA GA]

URL takes a trip down south to A3C first battle event. The line up includes RICH DOLARZ -VS- JC & JOHN JOHN DA DON -VS- CORTEZ 

HIT UP   http://www.a3cfestival.com/ FOR TICKETS & @URLTV FOR MORE INFO


  • SeanKenneth

    Chicago, Detroit, St Louis, and now Atlanta. GREAT ANOTHER BATTLE EVENT HELD ON THE EAST COAST!!! i swear it seems like yall east coast dudes are scared to come to the West!!!!

    • TFOH

      Aint got shit to do with being scared! You got the mone and aint on on no fugazy shit, then niggas will come…simple as that! West coast doesn’t scare any fuckin body!

    • Henry Xcels

      Chicago, Detroit and St. Louis are all in the mid west not the east coast, IJS. Plus there are battlers in URL from Chicago, Detroit, and St. Louis. Who from the west coast? Heartless? that’s it. It make sense for SMACK to go where he got connects, due to having battlers from those major cities, He ain’t got no connects like that to just fly out West less kendrick Lamar or somebody goin host the shit. real talk

  • gwvaio

    Starts that late? Yall ain’t learned nothing from starting battles that late yet?

  • Dee brown



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