#kingPito after his show yesterday #DOTLIFE

yeahisaidit_sf Young king
About 19 minutes ago

icon1of1 Man how yall gonna do anymore UFF if there ain't no more 106 and park
About 16 minutes ago
young_lord_tye Yall should get verb on tonight to tlk his shit bout the pg niggas again lmao
About 1 minute ago
newinsta1294 @streetstarnorbe yoo. T top vs suge. Ultimate match up. Set it up norbes 🔥
About 7 seconds ago

@lolowood_ 😜

gromero24 NICE
About 42 minutes ago
booney_m.a.c.k She so damn bad she look fake goddamn she can have all my kids frfr 😂😂😂
About 41 minutes ago
fancyreddlovee I seen u go fromm battle rapping to television… thats real grinding and your fine as a mf' im very happy for you 💗💗💗 Ball game bytchh!!!
About 41 minutes ago
kissmyairss That's the homie
About 36 minutes ago
prince_of_humor Damn baddest ived seen in a while
About 26 minutes ago


mr_marketable Lol
About 59 minutes ago
trillchickk @amber_alm
About 54 minutes ago
3800blksalim MOE.....lmao
About 45 minutes ago
the_intellectual_one_ Me . 😂😂😂 @tori_monae .
About 43 minutes ago
gh4stprotocal I mean...you do respond to my mentions on twitter, might deserve a iTunes gift card 😂 @nunu_nellz
About 43 minutes ago

Ya'll know what happens when @prostyle kicks the beat...@missfreemarie's hips don't lie! #106finalact #106Memories

uncaged_shaq22 Not sure yet. @spanish_mommy_xoxo
About 14 minutes ago
spanish_mommy_xoxo Well can you keep me updated. Even though I'll be checking to see @uncaged_shaq22
About 13 minutes ago
uncaged_shaq22 Same here . I'll miss @106andpark on BET every day though. I know they'll still have the new year's eve show and before the BET Awards on tv tho @spanish_mommy_xoxo
About 11 minutes ago
rapstartv2 @prettyicegirl yep it's gone !
About 10 minutes ago
rapstartv2 I'm sad about it too
About 10 minutes ago

😅 please hurry @jayo_bomma

killer2k27 @nev360
About 4 minutes ago
treytreyz @graveysauce @blackmavro that ass Omg
About 4 minutes ago
michaeldc4 @juanblessed_ lmao
About 1 minute ago
kay_te_a @trinivane_28 nooooo she wasn't ready
About 7 seconds ago
wooz_world Lmao
About 2 minutes from now


  • JC
    Bruh, @BiggK757 is cold!!!! Lmao!!!! He cooked con Bruh
  • John John Da Don
    dont tell me niggas stealin belts from me smh
  • HEAD I.C.E
    Gotta listen to this real quick before I hit the streets of NYC #BrainFood Check out this video on YouTube: http://t.co/efxuJLkP1z I.C.E
  • IG: BMAGIC53
    CONCEITED VS B-MAGIC SMACK/ URL: http://t.co/vfNdMOVssy there u go...watch dat again
  • Voice of battle rap
    WhereRT @WillThyILList: You know 3letterman has been found right?? @streetstarnorbe lol
  • Kay-Shine
    “@GassedUpLoc: Dat @_kay_shine transition shit hotttt #GODDAMN”good looks Gz
  • Kay-Shine
    “@SmoothEmOut: Respect for my boy @_kay_shine hearing him on some other shit than url just made me feel this dude even more! That shit fire”
  • Voice of battle rap
    Just posted a video http://t.co/XQKTvNfNza