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"Aye Verb reflected on his origins within the sport of Battle Rap in this clip…

No I.D. explains the key to success as the music industry into a streaming era.

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🐸☕️ @jayo_bomma it's that time again #sneakdissSession Do you know someone with stale sheets ??? TAG YOUR FRIEND YOU DO YA SNEAK DISSING WITH 😩😂😩😂

duke863 @brendemuehl21
About 9 minutes ago
breezy2973 Damn
About 9 minutes ago
chizzled_up Yuk
About 6 minutes ago
mrhurtslogood 😂😂
About 6 minutes ago
thefemaleiketurner Fuuuqqqq😒
About 5 minutes ago

I'm Way 2 friendly .. Ppl gone hate me starting 2mor tho! #OnGod!

lemonnn__ 😘👌
About 41 minutes ago
itsyoungrico Facts broo..same situation wit me..ima big fool for my hood in NY B135d and i b to friendly wit dese new lil niggas out here and they start gettin out of hand like niggas is equal..and we deff. Not equal..these niggas is lil homies to me..but dats our fault for bein to cool and too nice to ppl on 100z
About 40 minutes ago
hitmanholla @itsyoungrico Man Damu I'm already hip! Ppl take Ya kindness for weakness! You been Aite tho I saw u in a min Slime, u been holding it down??
About 36 minutes ago
itsyoungrico Yea dats a fact broo..and i been good out here broo tryna stay alive dig me..hope all is well on ur end bro
About 35 minutes ago
hitmanholla @itsyoungrico good bro! I'm Aite same ol! Keep in touch tho B💯d! Be easy up there!
About 34 minutes ago

I see a dead body Make sure y'all in the building for this crazy event ..... I will be killing a mc by the name of NOBODY GIVES A SHIT ..... So make sure y'all come see this crazy as battle!!!!! #Nobl #flatline #Official #SouthernBattleRap

onecslim I see you working. Keep it Official.
About 57 minutes ago
flymoney_french Lmao
About 55 minutes ago

I be taking that real shit classic shit go watch ha double vs statz_g on YouTube #wellwell #9thwd #southernbattlerap

oiruam @hadouble sounds like a body...damn
About 1 hour ago

😂😂 man Look.. 😩

ygmb_zo @mrlooksogoodteez
About 52 minutes ago
chicas_xo bahahaha lmaooo!!! everytime i see a funny one I think of you! 😂 @shellmeka
About 50 minutes ago
louperna1217 @lizzietishhh
About 45 minutes ago
the_limitation @coreym_22 @gavinryder @1d2w
About 41 minutes ago
coreym_22 @the_limitation 😂😂 on me
About 40 minutes ago

@jayo_bomma I think these are hilarious 😩😂😩😂

kenstrumental @_____branson u stupid for that one
About 21 minutes ago
dco_dee The rko is better lol
About 19 minutes ago
hashtag_hero @lordcru2z
About 11 minutes ago
hashtag_hero @rickmeista
About 11 minutes ago
locknloadriderzmc BOL!! @big_vince0215
About 8 minutes ago


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  • Piccaso Son PiccaTSU
    RT @Q_StayLifted: A real picture , I just paint it ... I can't tell you where to hang it @Tsu_Surf
  • #BallGame✌️
    RT @ImaniBlair: @HitmanHolla watching you battle with Tsurf 😩😩 you're my fave baeeee <> lol thanx! 😊