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Surf and Mook go back and forth about Mook's stature in the game and his…

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Never confuse Motion with Progress....Patience is KEY...




Controlling the game literally 🎮 @dnagtfoh #nwx

oskiinyc_ 💪🏽
About 12 hours ago
enyhass Fire shit blood....
About 12 hours ago
smoothboy_q @clutchcityy @flyguy_tx @therealhayden @coop_system @mr_ambitious15
About 12 hours ago
javiswilliamson Hell yea
About 12 hours from now
mind_twister23 @zipemup_kshine shit ain't fair lmao
About 12 hours from now

Wen she's throwing her best mood swings at you !!!!!

mj.___ Lol. Naahh. I get in there @jm3.___
About 12 hours ago
choppedtape @unstoppableumer Lmao
About 12 hours ago
niddygritty July 10th he's hosting in STL
About 12 hours ago
sp8cejamjordan 😩😩😩😩 @mzunderstood601
About 12 hours ago
lilc___ Mayweather shoulder.
About 12 hours ago

Selfies with #LisaRaye (@TheRealLRaye1) ‼️‼️ The #BETAwardsPreShow red carpet was on 🔥🔥 all show longgg!!!

southernqueen She is so dope for that 😍😍😍
About 12 hours ago
blackchicks__rock That was sweet of her
About 12 hours ago
scarspaddy She's fine
About 12 hours ago
vicphil @villesr757 @dodirtysr @im_just_mo05
About 12 hours ago
angel_flawlessx Aaww bless her
About 12 hours ago

@ExclusiVodka #nights #are #better

onlydjcalaco Let's work
About 13 hours ago


  • #BallGame✌
    Damn I see that nobody believe MurdaMook can beat a Top MC in this Era ??? What yall think ?
  • FŁÉÀonardo DiCaprio
    Wow! That schemes damn near incredible!!! Salute to @DNA_GTFOH & @_kay_shine 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/Dgh5ywbzBa
  • D.N.A™
    We Are Controlling The Game 🎮🎮 Literally !! NW❎ vs Quest Mcody /Marv Won Coming Soon !!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @_kay_shine http://t.co/ZluEgBaXJk
  • FŁÉÀonardo DiCaprio
    RT @User_Namelesss: @CORTEZ_HSP @sanchezDaGR8 @AYEVERB yall all battle each other anyway so it's a win win
  • FŁÉÀonardo DiCaprio
    I need something new! Refreshing! Tired of the same old clubs with same old bitches! The Whole Scene Getting Weak! #CarryOn
  • Kay-Shine
    RT @BigMazi860: When @_kay_shine said "im like Jordan in '94 but i aint missing my pops"... http://t.co/vAemmimjHT
  • John John Da Don
  • Ken Kesey
    RT @BlondieKayy90: I really need 2 change my ringtone this @Tsu_Surf got me missing 2many calls.....