Jay Blac breaks down the selection process for the 2015 Top 10 battlers of the year. Each panel members submit their own top ten list, the only criteria given to the panel members is that they must only consider performance that happened during 2015. Panel members are instructed that whom ever they place in the #1 spot is award 10 points, #2 spot 9 points, #3 spot 8 points & so on & so forth with the 10th & final spot being worth only 1 point. The panel members are not restricted to consider performances from any one league, all battlers are to be considered as long as they have performances that took place during 2015. Once all panel members have submitted their individual top 10 list, each battler will be awarded his or her points based on their placement on each panel members list. Once all the points have been award for each battler they will added up & the battler who accumulates the most points will be placed in the #1 spot, the 2nd highest will be placed in the number 2 spot & so & so forth. Each panel member will also submit 1 name for rookie of the year & 1 name for most improved, the battler who receives the most recommendations for each category will be awarded those achievements! Results will be released Thursday January 7th at 12 noon EST on The War Reports social media accounts as well as all panel members social media accounts. A special War Report radio show will be conducted the night of the 7th in which the special guests will be the battlers recognized on the list. Also be on the look out for blogs from Troy Martin & Jay Blac where an in depth break down of the results will be conducted.



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