This nigga needs to go back to jail.

    • dasher

      somebody please tell this ignorant nigga that “rikers island givin beds out”

  • NumbersDontLie

    I’m embarrassed for this guy…..

  • Hater Killa

    Your taking hip hop and battles rappers 100 steps backwards with this IGNORANT blog. Instead of making a 20 Minute blog about bullshit. How about making a 3 MINUTE Hot song. Because you really don’t have HOT music. And would you do everyone a favor an please stop wearing the same dam OUTFIT. Them shades are Horrible too. I’m Just Saying.

  • dasher

    somebody please tell this ignorant nigga that “rikers island givin beds out”

  • Jamal

    Lets break this down:
    1. Iron Sheikh no one thinks of you as a battler
    2. 50 did it to motivate you dumb niggas
    3. Iron Sheikh why exactly are you putting out albums, Lps and shit..no one wants to see you
    4. He’s right yall cant make songs that people wanna hear on a commercial level..yes some of you got tracks..but hits and music that can be commercial need to be structured in a specific way. Look at Wiz Khalifa..nigga made a song that everyone could listen to “black and yellow” son not the nicest lyricist he just made a catchy song that anyone can listen to. Took the momentum and now he got a career..he did his shit through Youtube..no one gave him anything. Yall got Youtube and yall got a following..so its up to yall to make a fucking song that people like..fucking yall expect niggas to give you shit..put money behind you when youtube makes it possible to do it by yourself..yall just want excuses as to why yall aint hot..dont blame the big name niggas.
    Who gave Chief Keef anything? he got hot on his own..yall want someone to come put mad money behind yall..do it yourself

    Yall dumb niggas keep saying “Yall signing all these wack niggas and wont give us a chance” dumb nigga its a business, the executives who sign these people dont go off of how they feel..they go by how the public sees them..when they sign someone its because there is potential in making money off them..Yall taking this too personal..if you nice and you making hits that people wanna hear they’ll come sign you too..50 cent is 100% right..deal with it

  • Gunslinging Joe

    Shut up Iron Sheikh!

  • jamaal

    wtf is with those bug glasses?

  • Shannon Glover

    he telling the truth and niggas who dont like are house niggas who think white people really like them fucking fools

  • hamza

    i bet you the majority of the hater niggas here either white or gay. dude spit some real stuff, no one wants to hear watered down ass-kissing blogs all the time. he simply spoke battle rappers can make songs, which quite a few can, bout gayness in hip hop, true, the defeminization of the black man, etc. at least give the dude props for speaking his mind, only clowns or lame niggas wouldn’t respect this blog. #fact


    verb already address this

  • boom bap

    This nigga is gay… homosexual… literally dick in the booty…

  • Macmar415

    Sounds like someone putting down battle rappers trying to boost his shit, almost like he wanna be signed by 50 just cause he live what he writes about. All I can say is don’t be so thirsty nigga.

  • Unknown

    Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you Iron Shiekh the AR-AB of battle rap this dude gonna catch a internet case if he don’t shut that trap real shit.

  • VisionZ

    i agree with absolutely everything he said….he needs to continue to address shit like this …..lord jamar put alot shit on the map and kept it real….hiphop is watered down

  • God Aweful

    He is absolutely right about everything he said especially about Action Bronson’s bitch ass.

  • Joseph Hernandez



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