A.R.P. on “Validation Vol. 1”: R.B.E. Ain’t Going Anywhere, We’re Building Brick-By-Brick

A.R.P. on  Validation Vol. 1   R.B.E. Ain t Going Anywhere  We re Building Brick By Brick   YouTube

I caught up with the Godfather of Rare Breed Entertainment, A.R.P., following the conclusion of his “Validation Vol. 1” battle event. A.R.P. was very pleased with the result of his league’s first closed room event and praised the 8 combatants for putting on a great performance in each battle. He spoke highly of his team and all of the work they have put in together to boost the notoriety and respect level of the R.B.E. brand.

A.R.P. urged fans to broaden their minds and viewing preferences in order to further support the growth of the culture and the less established newer leagues that are trying their best to contribute to it. He emphasized the motto that he and his brand stand by, “brick-by-brick” – and they are surely growing stronger with each passing event.

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