A.R.P. Recaps Soul Survivor Battles and Speaks on URL Topic

New Fan review on URL/SNKBRST event from AR-P.  @ItsARP



  • barondebxl

    Real rap, i can tell you keep it real.

  • rexchap

    If ILL was just SO SO, why lead up , because Charlie let him go first, that it was a mistake, when Charlie STILL whipped his ass? You wasted 2 mins for NOTHING. Absolutely NOTHING!!!!! Niggas like to hear themselves talk, i guess!!!! You shoulda just kept that bullshit to yourself!

    • A.R.P.

      i say what i wanna say! either fuk wit it or watch somethin else. real shit!

      • InTheClouds856

        Lol word. You had me thinkin Ill got killed by how you started tho. I cant wait til the footage drops. Good review tho.

      • rexchap

        I watched it and i didn’t fuck wit it, now what? REAL SHIT!

      • ADC

        I think the recap was decent. Take criticism constructively and build ya shit. Plus those other recap dudes be slacking like they to good to do recaps they know who they are. (Jay blac, Chris)
        I see an open lane for you. No homo

  • don yo

    Smack! Who is This nigga???
    shut the fuck up…you suppose to gave a recap and you missed the first battle then you talk about what other people said??? nigga go pop your steroids in your ass… smack! put up an official recap this is bullshit, who gives a fuck about what this nigga thinks…

  • H’D

    b magic got another one? im ready 2 c tht shit

  • Omega

    i be seeying this nigga in all the battles….he was at BOTB6 aswell

  • Mike_mikeemdoit
  • Lejos De Ficticia

    this nigga giving his recap at church? LMAO…

  • tycarterbk

    lmao nigga Armani does cosign this foolery

  • Wonder’s Photographyy

    Great recap. I don’t know why grown ass men come on the web to hate on other niggs video. Thats gay and make s you look like a lame. Dont let these fags get to you. Keep it up.


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