Ah Di Boom on PG vs Vets: We Can Stick With Anybody


http://www.vladtv.com – Ah Di Boom recently spoke with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes about his smooth rise to widespread notoriety within the sport of Battle Rap. Aside from competing in the ring, Ah Di Boom has made a name for himself by releasing a variety of comically entertaining vlogs where he has taken shots at numerous Battle Rappers such as Big T, Cortez, and Chilla Jones among others.

Ah Di Boom began by addressing his battle with veteran spitter Aye Verb, and explained why he believes he won their clash. He went on to talk about the overall PG class being filled with great contenders despite Cortez and others maybe believing that their styles are “clones” of more seasoned battlers.

Ah Di Boom is one of the few chosen to compete on Season Two of BET’s 106 & Park Ultimate Freestyle Friday battles, and spoke on the honor of being able to compete and display his skills on TV.

Be sure to check out Hughes’ interviews with Ill Will and Sno, who are also on the UFF this coming season.



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