• Belmont

    Norbes….mah nigga….srsy? This is some shit you put on FB or Youtube or somethin dude. You posted this on the URL site? You rlly did that? I cant defend you on this one man. You gonna hear it



  • WTF?

    what a great role model….

  • hulk

    like nephew like uncle “cry baby”

  • WTF?

    Norbes you are by far the weakest link and affiliate to this brand and movement. Honestly not even sure what you contribute to URL other then standing on stage and announcing battles… the interviews suck ass and jesse rican….   ..well i don’t to explain why jesse is your right hand man. Two peas in a pod as they say. Thanks for contributing to the downward spiral of this site  …smdh

  • Jason

    Fuck you and your retarded nephew


    OH i get it , norbes put this battle up because of vixen . lmaaaooooooo !!!! dude u r a world class “SUCKA” don’t u know she given u play because of u can get her exposer u DUMB FUCK. u really fucking up smack brand wit this bullshit. PUT A REAL BATTLE UP U FAT FUCK


    Norbes just stick to your rooftop battles champ!!!

  • GOD

    First of all I DID NOT watch this video second of all WHAT THE FUCK does this have todo with Battle Rap. Norbes this isnt good promotion for the URL brand. I was cool with URL allowing other corny Battle leagues to post their videos but “Aint Nobody Got Time For Dat”(Sweet Brown voice)

  • DC

    A terrible uncle..cursing, threatening a minor. Even exposes his own family, damn..kid acts just like Norbes tho.. URL is a brand,What if a chairman for Ford started to post vids of his nephew eating Capn Crunch on their site?Nobody wants to see this, we are here for battles and things related to such. This is better suited for youtube. You rep the brand wrong at times..Smack and Beasley need to buyout your stake in the company and send you on your way..

  • Alexander

    this dude recruits well and is well liked by battle rappers, he really a cool an insightful dude to this culture. But the ho bias shit he does on BRA, blogs and this site in general when he post so much ho shit and ho pictures and ho blogs,  those the reasons I don’t want to see shit w/ his name attached to it anymore. His top priority is to let it be known “im Math manager” fat fuck. Bias clown

  • Guest

    Is Norbes the one in the orange shirt?

  • UnHappy Fan

    yo the fans killin me with this one….lmao

  • Chameleon908

    I swear I hate this fucking kid, and his fat fuck uncle. I bet this dumb little bastard grows into a No Neck, Short, Heavy Breathing when trying to walk, piece of SHIT, just like his Uncle Fat Norbes!!!

  • whatwhaa

    SMGDH!!!!!!!  URL is fallen off BIG TIME!!!!!

  • whatwhaa

    SMGDH!!!!!! URL is fallen off BIG TIME!!!!!!  in its sad bcause i havnt ben on da site 4 a few wks n i “use” 2 check on it everyday & now i finely dcided 2 check it out n DIS DA KINDA SHIT they hav on here SMGDH!!!!!!! 

  • Cirac Obama

    Actually, this vid is aiight…syke…i lied nigga!!!!

  • Guest

    lmaooo shit was hilarious

  • papiyankee

    what a faggot little beaner

  • papiyankee

    fuck this site

  • Juggy1987

    u guys need to chill out

  • Sk

    Damn norbes only tried to share some of his personal moments with the fans and you people steady attack him smh. You same people is gonna miss him when he gone. But it still doesnt change the facts that youre bias norbes lol.

  • skiimaskk

    norbes why is this on a battle rap site??? why we gotta wait so long for classic battles but u posting this irrelevant shit???  come on son….you wilding for respect.

  • BadmonNoFuckery

    yo stop the fuckery for real, how ya making Norbes a reality TV celebrity? Smack ain’t shit for allowing his brand to be connected to this fat piece of shit. He’s clearly using the URL. fuck is Cheekos blog? where’s Beasleys Blog? no more fuckery smack your brand ain’t shit.

  • Rastaman

    WTF? this fat nigga just said he would knock the little kid the fuck out?

  • CNR

    Relax people. This URL web site has been deteriorating in value for quite some time now.  All that’s been posted in the recent months are of poor viewership.  Hence, though i strongly disagree with the posting, Norbes had to post a personal video (in which his nephew should report to his teacher or school principal about disdainful homework supervision) to boost up the viewership of this web site.  Because let’s face it people, URL and Smack have yet to come out with ANYTHING so far. *cricket sounds*. 


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