• therealestcritic

    Best Arsonal I’ve heard yet

  • Florida Boy

    not bad, not bad at all

  • jigsaw

    grt song ars

  • themosthated215

    That shit was hot bro, real shit!!

  • BangOnYou


  • Darnell Godengineering Gary


  • Ace Boon Coon

    Alright i cant hold this shit back no more. Ars is not a newark nigga. He was not raised by no bosses. You heard Surf say his block and O-red say his block. Im a newark nigga and ive seen them in the hood before plenty of time. What block is this nigga Ars from. He only know red, surf and shotgun through rap. WHAT BLOCK IS THIS NIGGA FROM. I aint see this nigga in newark until he started being on smack. What grade school did he go to what high school did he go to. All are unknown because he not from newark. Rep your real town and stop trying to get leverage with the newark stamp.

    • Dwight Cunningham

      Why does it matter to you where the nigga from like niggas just be hatin to hate what u mad cause a nigga don’t rep his hood yawl niggas kill me nic pick about any little thing

      • Ace Boon Coon

        Ars trying to say he from newark for marketing purposes. What you said let me know that the real niggas is out numbered by the fake niggas. Aint no real nigga gonna agree that its ok to rep a city you aint from. You the type of nigga that think its ok for a rapper to have a ghost writer. His whole image is fabricated and you dont have a problem with that? You sound like a straight clown.

        • hyatt court

          he went to school in elizabeth and college in union. guess he needed protection so he joined a gang .following ass niga. until that niga show face in my projects, he aint grape, but our cheeerleading mascott!

        • Dwight Cunningham

          Yawl niggas get wrapped to much in another niggas personal life like that nigga do and rep what he wants why do u care worry bout ur self only females keep tabs on other niggas

        • hyatt court

          eat a dick fuck boy!!.i guess fakes respect fakes.i see ur point!!let me guess u a wanna b fake ass rapper too right??

        • Dwight Cunningham

          So it makes me a fuck boy because I don’t care about another nigga like you do u wanna fuck the nigga are something I guess u an emotional ass nigga wear his heart on his sleeve as nigga makes u act like that cause u worried about if a nigga is not from where his says who care nigga get a life worry bout you what nigga sits there are worried bout another nigga u gotta be a lame jobless ass nigga

        • hyatt court

          wats up with the gay shit..???…u talking bout fucking nigaz n shit…typical bitchazzniga.. smh…its not about where he’s from, its about what he reps.nigaz rep grape street for real in newark!.he just riding the grape flag coat-tail with no ties to the courts.dude is dumb talented but he is not banging. PERIOD! so stop it 6 and rep who you really are…its okay niga…so yes ..that makes you a FUCKBOY!!

  • nine5for

    ars is one of the best battle rappers on a beat

  • Jerzey nukka

    He from Elizabeth aka EASTWICK…. Nigga went to Hamilton middle school & all…

  • kobe

    Arsonal definitely from Newark I seen him plenty of times on downtown on market street and go to mcdonalds downtown Newark they got a picture of him and jiwe in there..

    • Ace Boon Coon

      Lol this nigga said down town lmao. There are plenty of people from all over the place that be down town. NIGGA ITS DOWN TOWN. Its a fuckin shopping area. You ever see that nigga on a block? No! You ever see that nigga on a back block? No! For you to say some shit like that you cant be a newark nigga either

    • Ace Boon Coon

      Jiwe aint even from newark. Jiwe a paterson nigga. Know what your talking about


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