Arsonal vs AyeVerb [Who really won – Unbias Review]




    Brixx TALKIN DAT SHIT!!!!!!

  • Dat Nicca

    Chris I also gave the 1st rd to Verb and the 2nd rd to Arsonal and graded it just about the same. But I differ from you on the 3rd…I gave that round to Arsonal as well. He definitely spit some filler but I also think he had way more bars and punches than what Verb came with. Verb “talk to him” angle was OK, but once again his round was simply too short. I actually think Verb may have a problem with far too often coming with short rounds. Remember he also came with short rounds against Math and left it way too open for Math fans to call it debatable. And even tho it was a 1 rounder, his round was also short against O-Red.

    I think everyone going crazy over the “talk to ’em” angle needs to calm down a bit. The best “talk to’em” rounds ever are Lux’s 3rd round against Calico and RemyD’s 3rd round against T-Dubb O. Any one trying to give Verb props for taking that angle, needs to go watch those two 3rds I just mentioned and come back and tell me if it was really that hot? Also, I’ll give a honorable mention to Cortez for really talking to Hollohan (good call Chris) and Metta for really talking to T-Dubb O.

    As a final thought, I also kinda agree with Arsonal that he gets points for putting on a great performance in Verb’s backyard. The crowd noticeably held back on giving Ars too much crowd reaction, but he worked his way through it and still delivered a helluva performance. All in all, close battle but I think Ars did enough on the road to take it by a slight margin

    • rexchap

      EXACTLY!!!! The reason why Lux’s stand out over everybody is that everybody else who tries that angle be on some fuckboy shit themselves, whether it be in real life or on blogs! Verb act too much like a bitch and an asshole to SON anybody….LUX plays the part better than anybody else, cuz he don’t act like these childish niggas,,,,,,THAT;s why his shit worked better than anybody else’s. So Verb’s 3rd rd was a cheap way out instead of writing some BARS! The nigga didn’t impress me with that cop out move!

      • Logic

        Rex, why is it that anybody that competes with Verb you think beat him? If he doesn’t KILL them, you say he lost. Yet you give other top tiers that end up in debatable battles the benefit of the doubt?

        This battle is mad debatable. The truth is, in a debatable battle, nobody really loses.

  • myian barnes

    That Drake Chris Brown off was off, Chris was the one who got hit with the bottle. You quoted some really weak bars btw but your reviews are still pretty good.

  • Max

    Imma keep it real. Arsonal first few lines of each round are dope, but then he just spits random filler. By the end of his rounds I’ve tuned out…. It’s like blah blah blah. He got out classed by verb. Hate him or not but a real nigga would admit he cold lyrically. Oh …. And brixx was in his bag with that freestyle.

  • Ray B

    I got Verb 3-0 but I can see how he gave Ars round 2 tho

  • Nick Carefoot

    The fish line is generic as fuck. Crosswords generic. Ars was generic and not personal enough for me. B.A.R.C.O.D.E. most of the stuff wasn`t real. I have Verb winning. I also don`t give Ars any points for his bars because he doesn`t throw shit away. Hes pretty much all filler with good aggression, performance, delivery and excution. The only way he was going to win this if O-Red ghost wrote it all and even though he came to St. Louis to battle hes delusional for thinking he won this. He out rapped himself and Verb didn`t look worse than him.


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