Arsonal Vs Goodz (Battle starts @18:00) (Tickets) (Text Battlerap to 99000 for a chance to win Free tickets Math Hoffa Vs K Shine) (Coupon Code MCWAR Save 10%) (Discount)

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Arsonal Vs Goodz Full Battle Produced By Stroud of Hustle Gang, Arsonal goes in like he don’t know Goodz, and Goodz Keep Proving his Rank! Math Hoffa & K Shine Talk trash about their upcoming battle at Atlanta Hip Hop Day September 29th, plus Math Hoffa calls out Loaded Lux & Reed Dollaz and say Serious Jones is WASHED UP (preparing for Summer Madness 3)… K-Shine says Math never battle anyone like him and says Kendrick Lamar would get bodied in a face to face battle! GET TICKETS NOW:


  • myian barnes

    Battling over beats sounds so dated now. They sounded good but you get tired over hearing the same beat, this doesn’t count, lol shouts to Ars and Goodz though.

  • yogie

    pure white henny #GOODZdaANIMAL

  • Ltrain


  • nine5for

    i got on astros and still couldn’t hear the barz during the beat

  • ronnie

    They actually paying niggas to do this? That’s crazy lol. And Arsenal you might as well be a Blood since you can’t find any Crips to protect you smh..

  • Florida Boy

    Good Shit

  • Art

    That battle was cool, both mc’s did there thing and I been watching since Lions Den

  • Mfbird

    This was hot. I normally don’t rock wit Ars, and goodz always sounds good over a beat. I say they tied tho. Good shit.

  • rexchap

    Math you ASS! STOP nigga, you stumble every battle and your shit ain’t THAT hot! STOP!!!!! You vs Jones is a SNOOZE FEST at it’s HIGHEST LEVEL!

  • brandon davis


  • hatedumbasswhitepeople

    nigga u in the streets sarced.. cant even look at the cambra right. sook 1 Math going bring u flowers, the end of dot-mob, b-side Ashley she dope.

  • B.D.

    Good battle. The both of dem did there thang

  • Antony Hall

    Great batle this is a classic *SMACK VOICE*

  • james

    what beat are they rapping over???

  • KingBKings

    They both lost

  • Joey Flvcko

    Put Loaded lux back in a card he trill as fuck


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