Arsonal vs K-Shine (who really won – Unbias Review)


  • myian barnes

    Good review as usual fam, I had it 2-0-1 Ars….the third rd was a loss for both of them. The Shine that showed up in ST. Louis is the one who needs to come back. Ars has been on fire for his first rounds lately, but his 3rds, meeehhh.

    • KingReese

      I agree. I needed more from K Shine after being dismantled by Big T. I was expecting the guy that went at it with DNA to show up but it was just him yelling. Yelling and a bias NY crowd doesn’t equal a victory.

  • ohgod

    Nigga look like he sitting in the toilet doing this blog. Was this filmed in a mens cubicle?

    • Beasley

      That’s how light skin niggas do reviews lol. Interview was ok. Put some base in your voice, you are a grown ass man.

  • gin_wine

    I wish some one would tell 2 chainz that shit about rapping and not saying shit. Lol!!

  • Robert Spears

    I think Ars got this one. They both were cool tho.

  • Unspoken Truth

    he wasn’t talkin dat shit when he was tryna go at Cassidy and cass asked for some bandz

  • a real newark nigga

    Arsonal is too old to be still talkin about crips n bloods. That bandana print made him look like he 17yrs old. I can see daylyt doing that shit cuz he a clown ass nigga, but arsonal way too old for that kid shit.

  • Chosen15

    I have k-shine winning 2-1 the first and the third unbiase review gotta do juss a Lil bit betta k-shine came out wit some fire but he not gettin all of k-shine bars. Ars came out wit dat wack as Lil snupe line then tried to cover it up. K-shine said 13 would introduce you to god Bar mitzvah. Shine said wat yu can’t spell ars dats a..r…s datswhy I had to spell ars cuz u can’t spell ars without puttin dat AR in it shidddddd. “Call my twins Uzi”s suspenders I be strap wit dat haul I’m to da side clap I’m 3times wen I’m clappin dat they don’t know if its a homicide or the cabbage patch :-z smh dats crazy

    • mrboss

      u high man? k shine edged 0 rounds … he has lost 9 rounds straight dating back to the big t battle

      • mrboss

        i mean 6 straight

        • Chosen15

          I mean days opinionated but we all know he gotta bodied by big t but tbh arsenal aint come wit no fire he was average. K-shine came wit a better angle like in the third when he was talkin bout how he basically rep both sets lol blood and crip how df did he won lol

  • mrboss

    k shine edged 0 rounds … he has lost 6 rounds straight dating back to the big t battle

  • barondebxl

    I think Ars definitely got it.


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