ARTICLE: Industry Standard’s Top 5 STL Battle Emcees On the Come Up Power Rankings – Ooops (4)

Artist turned battle emcee, Ooops, enters the list at number four. In less than a year, Ooops has marketed his brand across many individual markets among the battle rap circuit. Outside of battle rap, he’s a business man who has utilized his resources to further create activity around his name. When Ooops isn’t battling, he still gives you the impression that he’s still active, and that’s an important aspect to brand building in any facet of business. He is one of a very few battle emcees in Saint Louis who is able to draw a sizable crowd simply because his name is on the ticket. Recently he was able to migrate a portion of that supportive base of his to GO-Rilla Warfare in Chicago where he had a strong showing, beating Da Example 3-0 on their recent October card.

Pros: Ooops is a great performer, and he uses his stage experience to engage a crowd to buy into him better than most emcees. He networks very well and has embraced the business aspect of battle rap, and he also shows a level of maturity that I feel helps him further his brand among a peer set that is often at times anything but mature. He’s improving lyrically with every outing, and he’s able to compete competitively with any emcee that any promoter would put in front of him. His alliance with B Magic couldn’t be anything but beneficial to him all around for him going forward.

Cons: At times his punches sound like setups, and his setups sound like light punches. He’s still learning to orchestrate his rounds better, but the key is that he is motivated to do so.



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