Aye Verb Says Fans Don’t Support the URL


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  • Jlove

    Aye Verb, listen. There are battle rappers that have and are still making money off battle rap thanks to the fans of URL. Now i Do agree with you that black people complain too much about prices and shit but there is still support out there, just not as much as the kotd fans

  • url stan

    smh wanna be seen as nigga just had a suppaa classic let the culture breath enjoy the moment fans gonna watch great battles

  • TheeGuest!

    Smack gonna have to get up on that ppv move and do a lux verse mook quick, before UW get that

  • Anonymous

    what he said about black ppl not supporting each other, hating on each other and all…thats facts. ppl who buy shirts and stuff are mostly the white fans..ask daylyt. He got his white fans, and they buy all his stuff (quillalbum or something).. but then again hes also exaggerating. im not gonna act like a stan and shake when im in front of one these battle rappers…smh…….supporter yes……fanatic..no…..

  • ace

    Yall niggas dumb these niggas all got important battles comin up if you think these niggas not finna write some crazy shit for nome 4 after cal dry dry snitching ass said in dna battle if you woulda paid me what u paid for surf I woulda wrote more fuck u verb tryna pull dat shit on me everybody know dat a battle against dna dont mean shit get ya bars up lying ass nigga aint nobody sleeping

  • ace

    All you hoe ass nigga talkin dat shit but finna go watch that danny myers battle thats on this page..for the simple reason verb saying niggas saying the same shit but in different languages but these niggas is just doin iy better than u hoe ass nigga sell ya fingernails maybe battle rap ain t fa u but clips surf goodz dna tay roc k shine b magic hollow etc. And the other niggas that spit the same shit but differently and win aint saying nothin oh so u da conceited bitch that leAd that pack….win a battle and stop saying fuck ny maybe a nigga will buy ya shirt hoes ass igga get a website rock ya own shirt instead of some cardinal shit..stop naming ya mixtapes bullshit an a nigga will cop dat hoe…im from the H [email protected] ya game tight pull yan skirt up and stop bit hin I thought u just won a battle

  • grindmode

    “it aint strange if i hit that angel dust, get my anger up…..he fucked….soul flying im still firing….EVEN HIS GUARDIAN ANGEL DUCK”….we need that

    • OHGOD

      word my nigga. word.

  • Anonymous

    Aye verb speaking true shit with his bitch ass!!! lmao

  • Anonymous

    K shine tried to fuck a nigga?


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