B Magic says he’ll kill O Red, talks Ms. Hustle vs. Jaz the Rapper, battling JC & Conceited & More


  • H’D

    thats y he my favorite. any nigguh can get worked

  • flipper773

    Dude not even good. Dont understand why niggas be uppin this nigga. The only good shit he had was with qp and first round against clips. Clips still took that 3-0. Gotta see this dna battle. Gotta see the footage

    • Gee

      stfu ..u clearly a clips dicc succer.. faggot stumbled all thru round three and dem freestyles is horrible..his first overrated as fucc blamed dat on the crowd feeing to see a battle
      Clips: “u shud dodge thats a challenger
      Crowd: Ohhhhhhh
      dass not even close to being hard
      2nd round Magic fucced him up…u was wrong with the culture dicc ridin premature bars and abc setups
      jadakiss who was standing on clips side face sums it up when magic spittin
      die quicc faggot white ppl don’t watch url y’all fuccin the brand up

      • Catlin Blackmac McMullen


      • flipper773

        If Im clips dicc succer U must be B magics undercover fucc buddy. I’m just calling it how I see it duke. None of this nigga bars make any sense. If one of u fucc bois take the time out to critique dude bars jus a bunch of vague wordplay. i dont even think the nigga know the fucc he be saying. He got few bars but 90% of his scheme shit is trash and Im not even white. u sound like a clown. Ride out

        • Greggylasek

          “I’m new school with an old school movement… I’ll snap and give you the Blues like old school music” B magic…I could go on and on and on but simple stuff like that is what makes b magic the best

  • Gee

    magic mite be mvp for 2013
    cadence.wordplay,delivery,and bars
    but ored got a argument for mvp and most improved..red haven’t CLEARLY lost since swave
    fucc magic verses (D)irtiest (N)igga (A)live it shudda been red vs magic

  • Amafuka

    homie in that MCM tho!!

  • Amafuka

    if yall want that jacket visit theluxlife2013.bigcartel.com

  • Nate

    Magic, JJDD, Math, DNA, Ars, JC, ored – all these guys taking all sorts of names, all sorts of leagues. Ain’t that what battling is – anyone anywhere. I respect lux and all, but there’s something to be said for these guys filling up their resumes regardless of top tier or not.
    2013 is a changing point for url, fuck the top tier days! Hitman and conceited is a great example of why top tier is dying.

  • InTheClouds856

    B Magic is nice…but sayin you gonna kill a Jersey nigga is just crazy. What Jersey niggas get killed? You may have a good round…or maybe 2 or you might even have 3 good rounds but there is no Jersey battle rapper that will get killed. That niggas gonna either hang right wit you or win.

    • Trip

      Swave kiled O Red and Hitman killed Arsonal and we not even gonna speak about the return of O Solo on UW that was just a joke

      • InTheClouds856

        Well yea if you wanna go back 2 yrs I can also say B Magic got killed by heartless…and that wasnt even a year ago. You cant base it on that. You gotta go by what niggas is doin now.

  • P.A.TX 409

    bois can sleep on magic if they want to talkin bout his bars dnt make sense quote: u can get a couple n ur top like wedding cake…clever he will n a s a like nasa….b magic can handle his ored and magic will b nice I perfer calicoe vs magic but it’ll b nice concieted washed up bfi dumpster juice real live though reporting live from P.A.TX keep it trill….one

  • GetThisMoney
  • Barz

    B magic aint weak he be having some nice barz he just need to show us he can do other shit and win like some good ass personals or switch his style up he good money doe. he need a new slogan that shit he be sayin at the end of his third rounds is garbage. every good battle rapper needs a catchy slogan.


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