The leaders of MC Battle culture; SMACK/ URL linked up with Sneaker trade giant SNKRBST to create a hybrid event known as “Sole Survivor” which featured MC Battles and the Sneaker culture. This match up is between B-Magic and DNA who are two of the URL’s most talented MC’s. To keep up with latest in MC Battle culture subscribe to our channel www.youtube.com/Theurltv and log on to www.urltv.tv . Follow us @URLTV




    • Bthorpe

      Especially without don demarco messing up these battles lol

      • Mayor Bloomberg

        You are not lying about that.

  • Razor

    B-Magic came with straight BARZ!!! Sheesh…….. Fuck….. Props to Smack for not being on RNT for once and releasing the battle in a timely fashion


      B mathafuckin Magic got that 2-1, D.N.A is repetative, corny and boring, and shout outs to Smack for getting rid of that fagget ass Don Demarco and his Fag Demarcos, also the light skin girl with the braids can get this business.

    • clips you wrong for that

      b magic destroyed dna, kshine beat dna and now this, the crowd felt so sorry for him they gassed him in the 2nd. magic is unstoppable right now. since dna hanging with clips his bars have taken a dive. clips be gassing him up, talking bout that shit was hot!!!! that shit was trash. clips sons dna in so many different ways.

      • Gee

        FACTS..Clips Got Worse tho in my opinion..dna always spit that garbage format

    • Logic

      That was a clean body. 3-0 Magic. If people listen to bars, DNA got killed. All three rounds.

      • barondebxl

        That’s not true, DNA came with it too. This is a tie. Magic bars are easier to catch cause they’re more simple.

        • Eric Frazier

          But they hit harder

        • barondebxl

          That’s the counter point I’m making. They hit harder because they are easier to catch while ppl sleep on DNA more complex bars.

        • hit

          niggas shouldn’t complicate they barz too much. i mean we can rewind diz battle @ home but live you have one shot to get ur point across. plus, people don’t wanna decode every punch line….just make your point & keep it pretty simple…dis ain’t math class nigga..

        • barondebxl

          Yeah but that would stop creativity.

        • hit

          i undastand that….but just saying don’t b getting too creative that you lose the crowd…

        • Eric Kelly

          I understood everything he said,nigga just lost

        • Logic

          I disagree king. I think DNA’s punches were easier to catch in this battle. They were also much more predictable. DNA actually re-used some of his own bars in this battle. I watch this shit. That shit doesn’t fly. And I actually like DNA.

        • danny wilkons

          come on now..magic said come and get the fade like a barber shop..SIMPLE

        • Eric Kelly

          DNA said I’ll smoke em like loosey to make da Lou c..dey both had simple shit,majic had better shit doe..

        • Cyph

          Finally. Somebody said that shit!!

        • Gee

          stay the fucc of smacc lil faggot..lil bitches like u fuccin up the last street form of hip hop..go finish watching dat faggot ass cartoon u got ass ya icon

        • barondebxl

          Poor little nigga your feelings got hurt. Unfortunately for you B Magic ain’t gay so you not his type. Read a book or something. Bird ass nigga.

        • Ahollotta

          No ties choose one winner. I say b magic

        • mayhamn

          B-Magic won this shit no contest stop the bulshit i hate that gay shit DNA LOST its clear as day it aint even a conversation period the end!!!!!

        • Rive

          Now I’m only gonna say this once. DNA’s bars are NOT COMPLICATED. He’s one of the most simple bar spitters. All he has is energy. Anyone can catch his dumbass bars. B Magic didn’t even go hard against him. Imagine if Magic would’ve spit how he spit against Chilla or Roc? There would’ve been no debating. But it’s not about that. DNA IS PREDICTABLE 8/10 times. And not to mention he has more loses than wins in his career. NO DEBATING LMAOOOOO.

  • X Factor

    Man that bitch with the braids though. I’ll eat her ass.

    • star

      U a shit mouth nigga

    • ohgod

      I want to lick that white girls butt hole. Hmm. love white women.

      • Jlove

        You niggas need to stop watching porn with that wild imagination :/

        • PBM1986

          U can tell them niggas dont get pussy… They commentin on the fucking bitches in the back… LMAO…

  • Florida Boy

    GOD DAMN!!!! B Magic was relentless with the bars

  • Mr.makeithappen

    Worst performance DNA had in a long time


      Im getting sick of seeing DNA he usually battles a lot but this year has been over saturated with D.N.A – Get Him The Fuck Outta here.

    • unbiased

      DNA always sounds like this.


    B Motha fuckin magic put that body bag in a body bag.

  • Sensei544

    Magic 3-0

    • kingray1000

      B magic 2-1 debatable… DNA have it up also..

  • Jamal

    Magic is beast..DNA did good too got it magic 2-1…side note where the fuck did they find this white trailer trash bitch to be a ring card girl..she look like a fiend, saggy body and look terrible..shorty with the braids can get it


      Your such a gay ass hater.

    • remmy

      Nigga you CLEARLY a racist ass bitch. Aint a dam thing wrong with that girl. Just cuz you like hood rat lookin broads dont mean anything wrong with white girl

  • saul22


  • saul22

    dna 3-0
    I think that was a body

    • Millz

      Honestly I do feel like b magic won but they were hyping a lot of his simple shit. I don’t get it, they were aweing at every every line. I would say tie but I know how biased these stupid fans are.

  • saul22

    dna came at him with a lot of different stuff

  • saul22

    he wasn’t ready

  • Jnyce415

    DNA took the 3rd clearly u can give magic the 1st cuz he had bars crowd was over hypin and 2 could go either way magic was consistent with bars but I’ll take DNA 2-1

    • ReeseG

      kill your self today

  • Tony Brown

    Dna 1st round b magic second round. Dna 3rd. 2-1 DNA

    • demdimes

      you out your mind boii

    • Julz2

      Don’t you know most people vote based on who they feel is more gangster?

    • Paul Dronette

      I agree. DNA 2 -1

  • demdimes

    dna your shit weak, i wouldnt say give it up, but dont waste our time…

  • Saunders

    B Magic = ASS

  • demdimes

    smack this is why i dont like 2 read shit cause i swear, me n these fans be watching two different events

  • Saunders

    You will die trying to set it off like kim eliss or how ever u spell how it that hot

  • villano

    i agree with smackbeard… god is good. all the time.

  • Zedric Young

    came here to c how many niggaz was gn say dna won I c aint too many dummies on here today bmagic 2-1 or 3-0 no body bag he did his daddy the same way (clips)

    • yungtakeover

      3-0 off tops

    • to slim tay


  • Jlove

    Niggas releasing battles now, Oh Shit!!

  • magics man

    who running the speakers at this url event? demarco?

  • CPG718

    Clips killed every single Midwest spitter, no need to watch these cats anymore…… they all dead!

  • famp

    Way to many barz for u D.. 3-0 magic..

  • Sha Money

    good battle finially get to hear all bars witout da crowd fukkin it up but b magic 2-1 DNA came tho

  • ualreadykno

    b magic caught a smooth 3-0

  • sampirlo

    B-Magic 3:0 he destroy DNA for Noreasing, why!! Cuz he allready beat his Boss Chalie Clips !!

  • tycarterbk

    wow the crowd kept gassin this dude

  • Real Talk

    Maaannn… … That nigga Magic got bars!
    B muuthafuuck Maagic

  • Greggylasek

    Dna said magic lost to m ciddy and charlie clips. Was he drunk ?

    • Wonder’s Photographyy

      as soon as he said clips beat magic the crowd stopped fucking with him

  • cloudy

    good looking out smack

  • Mizzoly513

    B-magic won they should make it if you a top tier an you lose you should have to go back to the proving ground

  • Lavonte Alcybreed Jackson

    B magic 3-0 lol…..I neva understood how dna was considered top tier smh

  • saul22


  • DR

    Damn you can tell this is not an NYC crowd. ATL let these niggas spit lol

    • Def Soulja

      dick head this is in NY……smh

    • Wonder’s Photographyy

      this battle was in brooklyn

  • dasher

    This nigga Bmagic is dangerous. I see why conceited lil hoe ass is ducking him.

    Ored vs Bmagic – Smack make that happen.

  • Mr C

    DNA won 2-1 ..all ya niggas cheer for is magics “like” metaphors whe DNA took his same flow flip it, he freestyle, he schemes, wordplay, punches and has deliveries

  • yungtakeover

    Reload the clip so many times you’ll think its buffering…b muthafucking magic is that nigga

  • Paul Dronette

    Magic nice, but the crowd really over-hyped his bars and kinda slept on DNA.

  • jaystrizz

    i have to give props i think b magic is over rated an dont really like his flow but he won this cleary with rounds 2 an 3 hahaha i ride around looking for him like a parking spot

  • Paul Dronette

    And that rebuttal DNA spit was REALLY slept on.

  • GED

    People always say someone is getting gassed but that is kind of the point of having on point delivery. DNA’s bars were okay but when you dont deliver them right they wont hit so it makes your performance weak.

  • Brock

    The more he show (Maury Show) off y’all think that DNA is a match……Com’on Man BARZ!!! 2-1 Magic

  • battleme

    reload the clip so many thimes you think its buffering ??? gooooooodDAMN, that shit made me pause the video and say WOOOOOW about 14 times !!! b maddafaccin magic !

  • Raymond

    I like DNA, but damn, B motherfucking Magic got this. 2-1 (and that middle round is debatable). At a certain point, an artist needs to reinvent himself – not because he’s wack, but because everyone is used to his shit. DNA is at that point.

  • Raymond

    JC vs B-Magic! Set it up Smack!

  • SillyPeasants

    B Magic had the right formula for the event. DNA came over-prepared and it just didn’t work in his favor. B Magic got this one.

  • Charlie Flyy

    3-0, Murder 1, B-Magic—–> Crystal Clear Victory…BodyBag<——-C.Flyy da Judge

  • Realrap

    Magic bars is so simple..can’t knock him though for some reason his simple bars work in URL..I’m shocked

    • battleme

      nah bruh… dude makes it look easy…. that dont mean that it actually is !

  • Realrap

    URL crowd goes crazy over simple ass bars now a days..If your lyrical u better battle someone lyrical because if u battle a simple punch line dude the crowd understands those simple ass bars..

  • BR

    Let a tip swab his mouth if DNA test me #BARRRRRRRRRS!!! B Magic killed this kid

  • killajing

    dam bmagic actually took dat i thought it would of been a lil closer dna had bars tho but magic went off bar for bar u gotta give it to magic

    • red rifle

      he smashed on clipz too

  • red rifle

    hahhaha 18:21 shit had me rollin that nigga face..

    dna is a bum

  • pimpin slimm

    NO DEBATIN………Magic 2-1

  • stackbe

    dna always tryna expose niggas he trash

  • VisionZ

    BMagic 3-0 body bag clearly

  • Joe Bell

    “The shit that he be saying is wack, the more he show (maury show) off, yall think that dna is a match” Maury show DNA Match that line went ova alota niggaz headz!!!

  • Dat Nicca

    1st Round – BMagic, DNA’s round was way too short
    2nd Round – DNA, BMagic had zero performance and the same repetitive delivery we get on all the S.O.N.S. niggas about
    3rd Round – DNA, Niccas that wanna give Big Kannon props on his rebuttal game but not give DNA props for his are straight DNA haters

    The URL crowd is type funny. Niccas wanna clown Conceited and Heartless for being boring and repetitive punch line rappers but then wanna go cocoo for cocoa puffs for BMagic when he does the exact same thing. Who gives a shit that Nicca has a country twang or rolls with the Crips, he still coming with way too many punch lines and no change up to his flow. I heard the Nicca say in an interview one time that he knows he outperformed Clips because he moved around more than Clips did on stage. I knew then that BMagic wouldn’t elevate in the game because he simply doesn’t have the other tools in the tool belt that you need to be a superstar. Anyone who thinks simply moving around on stage = performance, ain’t gonna be able to keep up with where the battle movement is heading. BMagic is a fan favorite in the URL crowd right now and you can’t take that’s way from him, but the problem for him is that Tech-9 was also a fan favorite at one point and the URL crown pretty much decided overnight that they weren’t fucking with him anymore. Tech didn’t have the ability to evolve as a battle rapper and now he is done. I predict the same will happen to BMagic.

    • Troll_E_G

      DNA is that you???? B Magic dont get hate cause he got style and comes across as authentic

      • brandonbowie77

        im sorry but i just dont c wat yall c n bmagic ,its the same bullshit boring ass flow everytime!!but he did beat dna cause he aint that good in this battle…

  • Pop

    Y’all niggas r some dick Ryder’s on magic dick a lot of you niggas don’t no bars DNA 2 -1 he killed magic keep it a stack I give magic the first round that all word

    • Z 315

      Thank you…shit is ignorant saying Magic killed him….DNA is so much more versatile and that’s the approach he took. Just like against Chilla…DNA was talkin that shit to Magic tellin him you can’t fuck with me you one dimensional. He was freestylin, schemin, etc. That flip in the middle of the 3rd “Your punches don’t hit OR-LAN-DO Magic” are you kiddin me?? He showed that boy how it’s done 2-1 DNA but Magic still went off.

  • Omega

    β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ ]β–„β–„β–„β–„β–„β–„β–„β–„ Bob is building an army.y
    β–‚β–„β–…β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–…β–„β–ƒβ–‚ ☻/ This tank & Bob are against Google+
    Ilβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ]. /β–Œ Copy and Paste this all over
    β—₯βŠ™β–²βŠ™β–²βŠ™β–²βŠ™β–²βŠ™β–²βŠ™β–²βŠ™β—€.. / Youtube if you are with us

  • ReeseG

    b muthafuckin magic dna just give this shit up and u did not i repeat DID NOT KILL CHILLA #Reese muthafuckin G

  • Geeker BLack

    DNA killed that nigga B magic was getting gassed the whole time

  • Derick

    Man DNA lost to BMAGIC my Fav. Battle Rapper 2-1, DNA got the 2cond round but MAGIC is a problem to elevate the URL movement i think they should start judgin these battles.

  • Famp

    B MAGIC vs anybody but Conceited.. Maybe Tsu Surf or Rex..

  • willkill

    Nice ring girls for once.

  • Pa AllDay 717/484

    Good Set-Up as far as crowd and time of rounds… This type atmosphere you see who’s what foreal…
    B-Magic 3-0

  • joenough

    good battle wrong venue

  • Sonny Pocketts

    dna retire you been overated and you are a thursday pick up….all trash

  • Gee

    Magic got this..original,unpredictable and complex bars…dna was cool for the first time since his oun p battle but he’s still predictable majority of the time..at least he didn’t get his ass cracked worse than ABC CLIPS

  • Smooth Bobby DeNiro


  • Galvanized Rap fan

    DNA took a big L, no lie!

  • Spike

    My, My,My, B magic is top 3 and that’s no lie. This dude is getting better and better. Watch the girls face when he hit DNA with those hay makers ..DNA did okay, but Magic is top tier…oh yea, SMACK y’all gotta stay still on stage. Too much moving and talking during the battle. It’s a distraction for me as a viewer. Good battle!!

  • EMZ

    niggas really must be retarted talking bout B Magic 3-0. lol he LOST… CLEARLY… NO DEBATING.

  • Savagekash

    look here this what it is…I do think dna nice and he got bars but his shit get boring to me he always sound the same but But magic performance way more clean way more bars crazy bars might i add and my nigga was just more entertaining and more interesting to me so i got Magic 2-1 easy i could have said 3-0 but DNA had some shit in round 2 round 3 was aight and round 1 he got ate!!!

  • DeeezNuuuts83

    B-Magic, 2-1. DNA’s first round was by far the worst of the whole battle, but he showed up in the later rounds… but B-Magic had some shit every round.

    It’s funny how much smoother the battles go without all of those stupid horns and Don Demarcos and bang-bangs… a 20-minute YouTube video (even with the promo at the beginning) vs. the 45-50 minute videos… yeah, that will get the entire events moving a lot faster without people standing around for the entire day and waiting for emcees to quit bullshitting.

  • ArkansasBlacc

    Dna is poobooty not believable at all

  • ArkansasBlacc

    B-Magic 3-0

  • ArkansasBlacc

    Smack please stop booking dna please please please

  • dark Knight

    Bmagic vs big T at SM4…… killing streaks. ……

  • flipper773

    DNA 2-1 Ezeeeeeeee

  • James Beadle Jr

    Dawg its a shame how he just did DNA…3-0 B Motherfuckin Magic…lol

  • James Beadle Jr

    B Magic is on a roll…he been FUCKIN niggas up lately…niggas better watch out……#BMagicvsConceited…..

  • BxBully

    Ya niggas is fuckin ass
    B magic is fucking garbage

  • Ahollotta

    B magic got DNA fair and square


    B muthackin Magic nigga

  • Eighty

    DNA DIED Dis Battle… 3-0Magic

  • Keen Sense

    They both did their thing…I think DNA took round one, majic took round 2, and 3 is a toss up.

  • whatup

    If DNA had a better stage presence I would have gave it to DNA hard with no lube…pause


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