B Magic Vs. Ill Will Smack Url Born Legacy- B Magic Recaps His Battle With ILL Will

B Magic Vs. Ill Will Smack Url Born Legacy- B Magic Recaps His Battle With ILL Will



  • Florida Boy

    Cmon URL battle rappers have to be heard more than anything…..the HD cameras yall got is cool but its past due for the sound quality to catch up

  • Gee

    facts magic..in the building don’t mean shit…and i fuccz wit will heavy but i kno he didn’t 3-0 magic..they said dna 3-0 chilla then when you compare the LYRICAL CONTENT dna dumbass lost…you a clown if you believe other ppl recap wen they in the building..some niggaz be drunk high,so u kno they only gonna feel the bars of a nigga they rocc wit..one clown on a review said shine beat ill cuz he had the crowd roccin..lmaooo battle rap got too much dicc riders now

    • brian

      So you don’t think the crowd rocking has anything to do with the way you judge a battle? Do you not judge a comedy show by how many laughs you get? Do you think a team playing on there home court with a crowd does not have a sociological edge on there opponent? battle rap is all subjective my nigga. so unfortunately contraire to what you believe battles cant be judged on “YOUr” opinion. there judged by the overall approval of the crowds as well as the overall approval of the fans. In the building don’t mean shit?? That’s like saying a dunk don’t matter live only on camera. GTFOH.

      • Gee

        Dumb bitch is this a fuccin comedy showcase? no dummy so that analogy makes no sense

    • fjdkfjkd

      You know most ppl say chilla lost…just having bars doesn’t beat having everything else

  • Memphis

    URL come on B get this sound check going B

  • @gskrillaa101

    translation he whip my ass smack need 2 tighten up on the audio still no excuse if yo mic work and mine dont we gone share yours or there wont be a battle

  • mrkj408

    some treal shit….. i went to the pass vs remyd battle and live i had pass bodyin the shit outta dude…. den the vid dropped and i figured oh lets see how bad this foo whooped that ass….. nope thank goodness for video cuz remyd won that shit 2-1….. so will see if thats the case in this situation…

    • Axleprose

      I tried to give it to remy on some bias shit but pass edged it lol

  • WTF?

    you can already tell who lost before the footage even drops lmao! Bmagic looks lost as mexican without garden tools.

  • Axleprose

    Why couldnt they share mics….was magic supposed to adlib or something


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