Bars Over Everything? or Bars with Everything [JAYBLAC REVIEW]

Jay breaks down the full package Battle Mcs’ need to bring to the ring. Is Jay speaking the truth!!? Drop your thoughts and comments below. @JAYBLAC1615



  • Smack step it up

    Conceited wins and or edges on cam and has one of the best records. Trya a better example fun boy

    • RoarShack

      Conceited lacks believability. 80% of his rhymes are gun lines. He loses his credibility along with my interest.

      • God Aweful

        What does that mean? Do you believe any of these rappers? All these dudes say the most ridiculous shit. You shouldn’t take any of them literal especially about gun bars and damn near all of them do gun bars.

        • Cmalo08

          None of these niggas are believeable anyways. Conceited is just as unbelievable as goodz or hollow. Holla is a fuckin bball player not a shooter

  • God Aweful

    Bars 30%…. hahahaha. Bars are the entertainment. Are we not here for raps? Choreography? What is this a Madea play? Dude sounds crazy. Its more like…
    1. Bars 50% which includes creativity, wordplay, punches, schemes and etc.
    2. Performance 25% and by this I mean projecting/articulating your words… clean with no stumbles or chokes which also includes crowd control.
    3. Flow 15%
    4 Freestyle/ Rebuttals 10%

    All this other stuff that this dude is talking about doesn’t let me know who is the better rapper.

    • BelovedQuill

      check the comments on the video, 30% is just a number he threw out. What hitman did was choreography, u know him and his lil bro practiced those moves lmao . This dude is making complete sense lol, i agree with your numbers completely god aweful.

      • God Aweful

        I don’t understand why Hitman’s “choreography” would even be apart of determining who is the better rapper. It is some cool throw away thing to do, but it isn’t anything someone should factor as essential to battling.

    • disqus_VcmT8lIzvh

      all day

  • Weegee man

    He just compared pleasuring a woman to battling lol lol #dead

  • ms marjane

    the truth. because who wants to sit around and listen to someone recite the shit they wrote, word-for-word with no energy? no concept of how it goes down with the crowd? how to use the language to put shit inside a niggas head.. how to work bars into more than just setups/punch/schemes.. ? the shit is boring and basic without everything else. “bars over everything” – circa ’96 mayne.. dead it already.

    • scrooge

      think of this way we have 2 guys even (bar for bar) freestyles flow etc. what he is trying to say is the guy that works just as hard on his performance as he does his bars will edge out someone who has great bars but is boring! It is an excuse to be lazy to tell ya da truth the mentality use to be (TRY TO BE THE BEST AT EVERY SKILL) this is more than a hobby this “craft” is now your full time job…eat sleep shit…culture…

    • God Aweful

      Actually ’96 was a great year in hip hop but who are these battlers that recite the shit they wrote, word-for-word with no energy? Setups/Punches/Schemes are not in anyway basic. If they were basic a lot of people would be able to do them well which isn’t the case. Being the complete package is the goal but if you are slacking in any area, it should be anything but the bars. If you aren’t saying anything that the next man could think of than why I am I watching you rap? Because you can do hand motions of a gun and fall backwards into someone’s arms. SMH… this shit nutty.

      • God Aweful

        If you are saying anything

      • ms marjane

        That’s a really funny distinction, considering what passes as a dope bar in the modern era. Setups/Punches/Schemes *are* basic skills any rhyming MC in front of a camera should have, especially if they’re rapping for dough. PERIOD. Otherwise, why the fuck are you in the room?

        It’s working those skills around topical subject matter that elevates it to shit noone else can do. Otherwise, rhyming (rapping?) is fucking easy.

        There was a time when gun bars were the *wackest* shit you could spit in a battle – there was (and in at least in some circles still is) a requirement for more creativity, and generally a higher calibre of lyricism. Whether you’re talking about street shit or picking apart another rapper.

        All you see on URL is a bunch of chump clown-ass scrubs with writtens yappin’ about how they bust gats (but not really) and sell coke (but not really).. and the energy around all that comes off as fake. I don’t claim hitman’s got it all together, I like to watch him battle personally.. but for real, he’s got the energy to make some of that bullshit stick. I can dig it.

        So when I hear claims of ‘bars over everything’.. i’m kinda like.. um. What bars? As far as I’m concerned, they ALL might as well be doing hand motions and shit. In fact, they all pretty much DO! ’96 wasn’t the only great year in the 90s, but frankly it was one of those years when it looked like MCs were going to outdo little puppy-pretend gangsters – that’s when ‘bars over everything’ made sense. The reality is, these niggas now are already shuckin’ and jiving, they might as well make it more interesting. I would say the majority of URL battles to date are *just* writtens with some extras. The extras *should* be entertaining, because a lot of these niggas can’t free on point. URLs not really at the point where niggas are spitting true bars right now – see Lux vs Cal, except completely remove calico from the battle. I’m not even talking about Lux preaching.. Im talking about the bars where he’s murdering the other nigga on stage without mentioning a gun. BARS. Maybe even *too* many motherfuckin’ bars.. but bars, regardless.

        I think URL will get to the point when more niggas are coming at it like lux – no, not biting that niggas style, or pretending to control the zone like him. I mean when they look at the battle as a lyrical performance, and not just an excuse to claim you’re killing somebody.. oh and selling coke.. oh and you fuckin’ bitches like crazy.. and you boss your whole circle, ..and ..and. After you’ve got two or three niggas saying it, then you got another SIX niggas frontin’, then you got another TEN niggas saying the same shit.. that’s what’s nutty.

  • RoarShack

    yo, maybe his numbers were not completely accurate, however, he is right. The people attending these events stand in line all day, wait for battles to start, intermissions, & etc. People like Hitman Holla are necessary for their spectacular performance (I wont lie, I watched the Con & Hitman battle trailer several times just to see his part.). They also need people like Tsu Surf who bring forth believable aggression. Loaded Lux who forces the crowd to really think about what it is he is saying. When you watch a battle the Bars are essential however so is the performance. Performance allows rappers to take bars to he next level and keep people on their toes.

    • God Aweful

      The funny part is I watched that trailer like okay here Holla goes with his super guns, but when he ended it I was questioning if it was even a bar or not. No one can tell me what he actually said was hot, creavitve or even anything worth a reaction. Then when the crowd went crazy… I laughed and thought “damn this dude took something like a Supa Hot Fire joke and did it for real”. Now I know people are taking it for real like it is a reason to buy tickets. If that is why you buy a tickets then Supa needs to be on the next card.

  • SkinoGreene

    What your missing is that in THIS day and age… EVERYONE has DECENT BARS… hell, look at the proving grounds or any mid tier low tier battle… Those are your bars…

    You also need something to keep their attention. The presentation, how do you package your shit, how are you branding?

    McDonalds has the nastiest fucking food on earth unhealthy too, but people go there everyday.

    • God Aweful

      Everyone has decent bars? Tech 9? Suge? Sco? Do I have to go on? What about these other leagues? Shit even if that was true, why do you want to hear decent bars? I want to hear the best bars from the best rappers. Buying into a brand instead of quality work is not something that doesn’t make any sense to me.

      The dudes in the proving grounds, mid tier, or low tier generally have the best bars because they are/were the best of the best in other leagues and have something to prove on URL. There is no way you tell me you don’t see the difference in the quality of bars from the Danger Zone/Nuborn battle and all these top tier battlers for the last couple of events. I rather see someone spit some amazing shit then some antic they cooked up to brand themselves.

  • battlefan82

    This is how smack should structure the url he should have unbiased judges
    He should do the same bracket style advances like ultimate free style friday
    If the talent come weak or unprepared dont book them
    Do more proving grounds across america not just California St louis or the east coast
    The winner of this bracket get a recording contract with a good budget
    Pay less money to the talent
    Do tours and pay per view after the damage control is done I am talking about
    the lack luster battles recycled bars ect.
    Smack has a good enough fan base and celeb influences to pull this off
    This will make for better battles and hungrier battle rappers because the got something to work for and Smack Norbes and Beasley will make more money
    I been fucking with Smack since the dvd era I watched him grow and I would hate
    to see the only good source of hip hop turn into grind time jusy sayn

  • DRE

    I get what he tryin to say but the bars are the most important element of battlerap. LOL, it don’t matter if you switch positions when you FUCKIN if you got a little dick either LMAO!

  • Low Zeus

    Its battle Rap, not just Rap…. You are battling, you have to have more than one tool such as just bars… Thats like saying the best scorer in the nba is the best player…. no…. Lebron is the best because he can score, and do everything else… Bars are the most important, but there are other things that go in to BATTLE rapping..

  • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

    after a certain level maturity .. hearing just bars doesnt excite.. sorry its not a text battle .we know its all talk … the suspension of disbelief is greater with performance


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