Battle Rap Rankings Top 10 Chokes of 2013

A Top 10 Chokes survey was conducted by battle rap rankings to see who had the worst chokes in a battle in 2013 some battles like Yung Ill vs O red didn’t make the cut because thy were unable to access the footage. but the have a good mixture from URL Queen of the ring and other battle rap leagues..

if you have any battles you think should be added to this list please comment

Shout out to battle rap rankings


  • Freezer

    Surf chocked vs clips.

  • Florida boy

    gay ass new comment section but damn that big k choke was crazy. that should have been like #1/2 cause he choked his 1st few bars

  • stAsh house chris

    Lolol nigga at the end tried to turn into a super sayian & fly outta there

  • RAzor

    Smack this comment section sucks fuck!!! change the shit back this is ridiculous!!!

  • ohgod

    ayeoooo. where is rich dollarz? dat nigga be chocking every battle.

  • Dissplay


  • Muck city 561

    Niggas eating peanut butter in this bitch!!!

  • Dark knight

    IF we flood every Video with comments about how we hate the new comment section then they will change it back

  • Art

    2:35 -3:15 Funny as hell.

  • Babyerk89

    Lux should be number one for ten yrs. that should be the rules.


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