Battle Wrap Up 2015

Battle Wrap Up 2015

It’s that time of the year again battle rap fans!!!! Another year in battle rap has passed and before we step in 2016, we need to recap it as a whole. Acknowledge the ups and downs, acknowledge the ones that really put on for the culture and shed light on what we can look forward to next year.

Battle Of The Year
Danny Myers Vs Chilla Jones
Platform: RBE
Views: 145,093
The views of this battle are in no way are reflection of the quality this battle was. Strictly bars and schemes. And bars and schemes. And bars and bars. There’s an obvious reason the fans loved this battle. Just take a look yourself, I don’t need to explain.

Battler Of The Year
Chilla Jones
Opponents: Dizaster, Prep, Th3 Saga, Conceited, Danny Myers, Math Hoffa, Pass, 100 Bulletz
Platforms: URL, KOTD, Don’t Flop, RBE
Chilla Jones has truly achieved a lot in 2016. He’s managed to take on Top Tier opponents and find time to take on some of the newer names in battle rap. The “King Pen” has always had a fire pen game, and it’s stayed consistent in 2015, in many fans eyes gotten better. He’s put in 100% for every battle he took this year. And he’s done in on various leagues across the world! He’s treated the names he’s been chasing since he was a rookie, just as serious as the rookies he’s seen that have been chasing him. His battle with Con has surpassed a million views, and his battle with Math Hoffa was definitely a fan favorite. And as far as his record well, he’s clearly won more than he lost. There may be a battle or two that was debatable, but if you like he lost, he was edged out. He took no clear losses in 2015. Some believe he didn’t take any. Salute Chilla!! You’ve definitely become a top tier big name in battle rap.

Female Battle Of The Year
Official Vs Jaz The Rapper
Platform: URL
Views: N/A
This was by far the most anticipated female battle in the culture yet. Official has taken the battle world by storm since we saw her in Aye Verbs tournament sometime before. Having incredible performances and amazing battles back to back. And aside from one debatable battle with Ms.Hustle, Jaz has beaten or bodied every opponent she’s stood in front of since she appeared on the scene. Jaz was the #1 female in the game, with Official a close #2. So quite naturally the fans craved for it. And unlike most huge battles in the culture, we didn’t have to wait long. And we gotta salute both ladies, because this battle was everything we expected.

Female Battler Of The Year
Opponents: Jaz The Rapper, Ms.Hustle, Lady Luck, C Moneii
Platforms: URL, Go-Rilla Warfare, New Orleans Battle League
I can’t recall a female whose had a run like Official did in 2015. In Battle Raps most anticipated female match up ever (Official Vs Jaz The Rapper) Official put on her greatest performance to date. Although it was great battle on both ends, it was clear amongst fans, bloggers, and battlers Official won clearly. The only battler that can say that after seeing Jaz. A few months later she did have a rough night with Ms.Hustle. And though she lost, she did not have a terrible performance. Another few months later she was back in the ring with battle rap legend Lady Luck. The general consensus, it was a great back and fourth battle. So in 2015 Official took on the #1 lady in the sport at the time at NOME 5, then a couple months later had a grudge match at Summer Madness 5, and THEN a couple months later faced a battle legend in her return to the ring in Chicago. Through all of this she managed to face a relatively no name battler in her hometown. No female, nor many battlers in general can say they had a run like that. Salute Official!!!

Most Disappointing Battle
Hollow Da Don Vs Pat Stay
In NO WAY was this battle disappointing from the stand point of rap, bars, performance, quality, or anything that makes a rap battle great. In fact, anyone whose seen this battle loved it. And if it was 3 full rounds, I’m almost sure it would have been battle of the year hands down, maybe a classic. But there in lies the problem. The battle was SUPPOSE to be 3 rounds. Hollow and Pat were both ready to deliver, but due to issues with the LEAGUE at the last minute they had to switch it up. Now again, this battle was FIRE!!! And both Hollow and Pat have shown interest in a rematch, and do it the right way. But to think that a battle of that magnitude, something that fans have been asking for was about to be delivered but didn’t because of the league is just disappointing smh.

Bodybag Of The Year
Chilla Jones On Prep
Platform: URL
Chilla had an impeccable year in 2015. And his battle with Prep may have been the pinnacle of it. Chillas performance was flawless. In the first round it seemed as though Prep could keep up, but the relentlessness of Chilla Jones proved otherwise. Much like the trend of Charlie Clips 3-0 in the comment section of battles, after Chillas victory over Prep it started the trend of Prep 0-3.

Most Shocking Battle Moment Of The Year
Fredo Starr Vs Keith Murray
Platform: MC Wars
Now, there’s a reason this battle isn’t the most disappointing battle of the year. Because anyone who knows anything about the culture didn’t expect much from it. (No disrespect to Fredo Starr and Keith Murray of course). When the battle was first announced some time ago, the average fan said “WTF?!?” And when it failed to take place the first time, yet still was being pursued, the average fan said “How Sway?!” And then the battle took place. Even though as fans of todays culture we didn’t want it too happen, we had to watch. And it was honestly one of the most hilarious, entertaining and saddest battles to ever take place. You couldn’t help but laugh at the antics, yet feel bad to see a hip hop legend like Keith Murray in that state.

Best Round Of The Year
Oops Vs Daylyt 3rd
Platform: RBE
Now this wasn’t the average round with punches, schemes or exposing personnel’s. During one of the years fan favorite battles, the third round between Daylyt and Oops took a very interesting turn. Daylyt started the round with real shit. He gave us a deeper look into his life that I’m sure people who’ve been through some shit could relate to. It hit home for many. He even managed to drop a Steve Urkel bar that was room shaking, one of 205s stand out bars if you ask me. It then was on Oops, and he did something none of use expected. He opened up about his life. Again, hitting the hearts of all fans who watch. It was even said that during the round fans in the audience were drawn to tears. It was definitely an incredible and unique moment in the culture.

Battle Rap Trend Of The Year
2 on 2s
For you new fans, 2 on 2s are not anything new in battle rap. They have been apart of the culture for years. But thanks to K-Shine and DNA traveling all over the country in 2015, they have definitely made it more popular then ever. Though it’s true teams like Illmaculate and Thesaurus and Shuffle-T and Marlo were doing it long before them, The team of K-Shine and DNA made fans pay more attention to it, and had more battlers wanting to give it a try. In 205 we saw a lot of great 2 on 2 teams. It gave something new to the culture, and I’m sure we’ll continue to see it in 2016.

Battle Rap Blog Of The Year
Queenzflip – Battle Road series

Battle Rap Jounalist/Blogger
Chris Mitchell

Battle Rap Radio Show
AngryFan Radio

Best Event Of The Year
KOTD Blackout 5
Pat Stay Vs Charron
Hitman Holla Vs Shotty Horroh
Conceited Vs Dumbfounded
Head ICE Vs Serius Jones
Arsonal Vs Bishop Brigante
Thesaurus Vs J-Pro
T-Rex Vs Hollohan
Daylyt Vs Madchild
Osa Vs Soul
Illmaculate Vs DNA
Rone Vs Big T
Quest Mcody Vs Tycoon Tax
Kid Twist Vs Shuffle-T
Eurgh Vs 24/7
100 Bullets Vs Chilla Jones
Marv Won Vs Skelly

What to expect in 2016????
First up is KOTD rings in the new year with it’s infamous mystery event Blackout 6. With normal fashion, only the main event has been announced. A title match between KOTD champ Illmaculate, and Rone. Rone has been battling for a long while, and KOTD fans feel as though he should’ve been had a shot at the chain.

The infamous April card….
Towards the end of 2015 Murda Mook announced that the loooong awaited battle between him and fan favorite Tsu Surf was finally signed and sealed, all that’s being waited on is the delivery. Originally is was suppose to take place in February, but due to some hold ups with the money, it’s been pushed back till April. But that’s not all!! Most recently it was confirmed by Aye Verb himself that he will see Loaded Lux on that very same card, another loooong awaited grudge match. As incredible as these two match ups already are, there are still a couple more to be announced. Now, we don’t know what league this will take place on. When Mook was asked on HOT97 if it was on SMACK (the obvious choice) he said they will be doing something different. There are still a lot of questions to be answered as far as this event goes, but Mook has stated this could be the biggest thing in battle rap history!!! And based on what it’s already looking like, that’s not something too unimaginable.

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