| B Magic Talks Ghostwriting & Emergence Of New Leagues



“I believe that everybody that got a league is just trying to do something for the culture. That’s always a good thing,” B Magic said.

Just before his battle with Rum Nitty at King Of The Dot’s Vendetta 2: Redemption in Los Angeles, California on April 19, B Magic talked exclusively to about ghostwriting, keeping it original, battling in different regions and whether or not there are too many leagues in the industry.

On the controversial topic of ghostwriting, the St. Louis, Missouri native said he used to ghostwrite for others but believes no battle rapper should use one, labeling it as cheating.

“I used to ghostwrite [for battle rap],” he said. “I used to ghostwrite but I stopped that shit though. [It’s] basically battling with another muthafucka’s thoughts. You just basically got to rehearse somebody else’s words. It’s cool when you getting paid [laughs], to write niggas shit, but besides that as far as a battle rapper, I don’t think nobody should get a ghostwriter because it’s cheating, man. That ain’t battling. That’s battling with another muthafucka.”

He continues: “When I was [ghostwriting] I was doing it for a local St. Louis muthafucka so at that time I wasn’t getting charged but the muthafucka offered me a stack. I was like, ‘come with it,’ but he wasn’t ready for the stack, that’s what it was.”

Speaking about keeping it original in battle rap, B Magic spoke on how other battlers sometimes go downhill when they become famous.

“I gotta keep it original, man,” he said. “Just because a lot of muthafucka’s get big-headed when they get a little fame, when they get a little celebrity status or something, man. Muthafucka’s get that whole swollen head and that’s when you go downhill my nigga. That’s when muthafucka’s start turning their eyes at you and shit. I’m just a regular real nigga, man.”

When asked about battling in different regions, B Magic said it doesn’t affect him saying he feels the same regardless of the location.

“New York? It just feels like I’m in St. Louis,” he said. “I’m pretty much comfortable everywhere cause when I went to [New Jersey] it was a different setting but it felt the same. I went to Chicago, different setting but felt the same. I feel the same way every battle no matter where I’m at.”

Moving onto the amount of battle leagues there currently are in the industry, B Magic welcomes the emergence of more leagues if they are trying to help the culture.

“Nah, more people to pay me [laughs],” he said. “I believe that everybody that got a league is just trying to do something for the culture. That’s always a good thing. Some niggas just to do it just to try to get some money, that ain’t cool, but if you doing it for the culture, I fucks with your league my nigga.”

Last Saturday (June 7), B Magic battled Big T during SMACK/URL’s Night Of Main Events 4. During the battle, B Magic choked in the 2nd round.

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