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Dizaster has rekindled a beef with Lupe Fiasco on Twitter.

Continuing a sporadic feud that seems to have begun last year, Dizaster reignited a mostly Twitter-hosted beef against Lupe Fiasco yesterday (April 24). In late 2013, Lupe Fiasco reacted to a King of the Dot battle featuring Dizaster and Aye Verb and his Twitter comments quickly spiraled into a public back-and-forth.

In October, Fiasco slighted the battler and favored Aye Verb in their match-up. “Sooooo I’m hearing @MRDIZASTER partially wack ass let @AYEVERB fully wack ass 3-0 him…to the tape!!” In a separate post, Fiasco referred to the battler as “Angry Aubrey.” “Never said you were soft…def said you were wack!!!” he wrote. “As fuck…Hahhaha keep it together Angry Drake @MRDIZASTER”

Last week, Dizaster and Math Hoffa dissed each other on Twitter and hinted at a possible battle themselves.

Fiasco has shown an interest in Battle Rap previously with other commentary and friendly discussions taking place on Twitter. Last August, Fiasco “battled” Daylyt on Twitter in a form of back-and-forth he referred to as “Twattling.” That incident apparently began with Fiasco’s request for a “lil friendly text battle war” and Daylyt responded. “Neva liked da light of day always liked the shade, if @DAYLYT2k get a even a lil shady right away he gettin a right like it’s right from May,” Lupe posted.

Similarly, Lupe also engaged in a virtual battle of sorts with both Tsu Surf and Rosenberg Raw in 2013, as well. Not unlike his recent feud with Dizaster, Lupe Tweeted his reaction to a Rosenberg Raw battle, commenting that he thought B Magic won 3-0. While the rappers traded their own bars, Fiasco ended with some points of advice. “Expand your points of reference,” he wrote to Rosenberg Raw. “Good practice is to make 6 different rounds about a glass of water without repeating bars.”

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