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Battle Rap is “single handedly holding up Hip Hop,” said DJ Kid Capri.

DJ Kid Capri has a new album in the works titled Top Tier. It is the first ever battle rap album to be released to showcase the skill of battle rappers.

The battle rappers to be featured on this album will be those who participated in last Saturday’s (July 12) Total Slaughter.

Earlier today (July 16), DJ Kid Capri made an announcement on the album via Twitter writing, “The first battle rapper album ever made called “TOP TIER” prod by the kid Capri this album is gonna change the game.”

DJ Kid Capri Set To Release Battle Rap Album   News   Battle Rap


“I got tired of hearing that battle rappers couldn’t make good records so I produced an album on them and put it together from Loaded Luxon down and it will be releasing soon,” said DJ Kid Capri in an interview with AXS, as reported by XXL.

DJ Kid Capri wanted to bring something new to the game and with Battle Rap on the rise in the industry, he believes that this album is just what everybody needs.

His main focus is to continue to push Battle Rap. He didn’t think about the club nor the radio, solely on “letting everybody hear the beats and getting a world tour off of it,” according to XXL. Also stating that Battle Rap is “single handedly holding up Hip Hop.”

“It just takes somebody that knows what they doing and that is a fan of battle rap and knows the texture in these people’s voices and put ‘em on the right music and tell ‘em say it like this and say it like that and make ‘em mean on it like this and like that,” Capri said in an interview with XXL.

DJ Kid Capri continued by saying that a lot of battle rappers don’t have that. He said, “They get a producer that give them a track and they just give them a track and they go put the rhymes on it and they concentrate on the rhymes being hot and not the record being hot. But then you got somebody like me that knows music, that is music, I know that they need so that’s why I put this masterpiece together.”

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