| Jack Thriller Explains Why He Didn’t Host Total Slaughter

EXCLUSIVE: “It’s time to bring a whole new grade of battle rappers in,” says Jack Thriller. “Everybody on that show, go ahead and let them be elders.”

In an exclusive interview with, Jack Thriller explains why he wasn’t chosen as the host for the Eminem-backed Total Slaughter event, despite being allegedly slated as the presenter.

“I was supposed to host the Slaughterhouse situation, right? They called me one night and they were like, ‘Yo, Eminem is about to do the battle rap show, man, and he wants you to be one of the hosts on the show.’ [They] told me I had a job,” Jack Thriller explains. “Ain’t nothing good ever happened to me that goddamn big! I got excited. So I immediately, after I got off the phone with them, I went and found a picture of me and Eminem and I posted it up on Instagram at about four in the morning. Guy couldn’t sleep, this was the greatest thing that had ever happened to me. This had to be January 18, 2014. Nothing good ever happens to me, not like this. Did I deserve it? Yes I did!”

“I posted it up and it went viral,” he continues. “I didn’t even promote it, all I did was post a picture on Instagram. Shady Records hit me up at 11:00 a.m., ‘What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you fuckin’ out of your mind? What the fuck is wrong with you? You didn’t even sign a contract yet. Slaughterhouse is going crazy, people think it’s your show and Eminem’s show, this has nothing to do with you. You know what? Can you go back online and say that you was just playing? But it’s a possibility that we might not be able to use you for the show.’ So you want me to go tell a lie, and then tell people I was just bullshitting about a job I might not get? Shit me! Fuck that. I left that shit up there and as you can see I still didn’t get the job. They had Sway [Calloway] and [DJ] Kay Slay do it and they did a great job and shit. Would it have been better if it was me? Yes. Yes. Would it have been a better event if it was me? Yes.”

Despite being dropped as the host for the event, Jack Thriller says he thought it “still was a great move for battle rap as a whole to be showcased on pay-per-view.”

“I was on the phone with Busta RhymesMurda Mook the next day … and Busta made a dope-ass point about even though none of the battles was that dope, it still was a great move for battle rap as a whole to be showcased on pay-per-view where people can order it on TV. So now I challenge everybody that is battle rapping, get a hold of yourself. Don’t let the hype go to your head. ‘Cause I seen a lot of battle rappers after the Loaded Lux [and] Calicoe battle, shit went commercial. Mothafuckas got famous and they was talking about they deserve this money and that money but when they did that, the bars got weaker and weaker. The hunger diminished a little bit. The popularity of the culture and the talent level was getting unbalanced. I challenge all the battle rappers to step their shit up. It was too much choking on that show, too many mothafuckas choked on the show but it’s a dope show. I think it’s time to bring a whole new grade of battle rappers in, the people that are more hungry. Everybody on that show, go ahead and let them be elders and bring the new guys in.”

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