| Jimz On Rich Dolarz Battle: “I Expected Way More From Him”

Jimz On Rich Dolarz Battle   I Expected Way More From Him    YouTube

After his opponent remained (mostly) secret leading up to RBE’s “Blood Sweat & Tiers” event in NYC on Nov. 1, Jimz spoke about his battle with Rich Dolarz, giving himself the “clear win.”

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  • Stop it 5ive

    Ok Vicci i give in i will pay u 2k if u discontinue this wack ass freestlye Friday u got going on.

    better yet i will pay u another 2k if u just disappear of all together cause u bringing the sites value down son lol

  • Ski Mask Way

    I hate these Cock Mob homos but this shit was extra nice, got damn. Good shit Vicci. Its still fuck the booty grip boys though. 

  • DNA

    Yall know my slogan GET HIM THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!!

    • Got Bars

      NO! Get his rhymes the fuck outta here

      • L.O.M.

        No! get his shirt the fuck outta here

  • TheLand

    Vicci vs DNA on a straight freestyle battle over a beat…

  • stackbe

    son u trash…plz stick to the t-shirts

  • Ausberto Orozco



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  • JC
    RT @michaeldupless0: @ThekidJ_c vs @illmaculate 2-1 either way , shit is too fire
  • JC
    Salute to my guy @illmaculate !!🔥🔥🔥🔥 we got one for the books!!🙌🏾
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  • JC
    RT @shake_em_up1: Yea uh @ThekidJ_c 2-1 possibly 3-0 Illmaculate the first the only round worth debating