| Loaded Lux Wants To Battle Joell Ortiz Or Crooked I

Loaded Lux also addresses the upcoming battle between Dizaster and Cassidy.

During a newly released conversation with PSA Radio, Harlem lyricist Loaded Lux revealed his desire to battle mainstream artists, specifically Joell Ortiz and Crooked I. Following their fellow Slaughterhouse memberJoe Budden’s battle with Hollow Da Don at “Total Slaughter” earlier this year, Loaded Lux says that such a battle is possible.

“[Loaded] Lux and Joell Ortiz makes sense to me. [Or Crooked I], either one, whoever,” Lux explains. “Love is love. Let’s get it. I believe they’re both premier lyricists. I think with Crooked I and Joell, it’s preference at that point. It’s apples and oranges. They’re both substantial if you ask me. It’s who the people want, man. With that, it could go either way, Crooked I or Joell Ortiz for me … I think that’s possible.”

Later in the conversation, Loaded Lux addressed the upcoming battle between Dizaster and Philadelphia rapper Cassidy at Dec. 6′s “Ether” event at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles.

“I’ve seen [Cassidy] at a couple of events so he’s definitely studying, he ain’t playing,” Loaded Lux says. “I think he knows this is a big deal. I mean, last time we seen him in action was Freeway? That was a decade and some change ago. In seeing how much the culture has developed, I know he’s paying attention to everything that’s going on because we know that Cass has been at a number of events. He’s definitely doing his homework. I don’t have no clear-cut victor in regards to this because we all know it’s preparation. It’s how they approach it. Dizaster can’t take Cass lightly either because he doesn’t really have anything to go on in terms of studying, as far as footage. He got stuff from a decade and some change ago and that’s not really of any use. Cass’ already know, man, I think Dizaster turns up when the stakes are higher … Both of them got a lot to lose.”

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  • Sexyprincess

    Don’t respond

  • brandon davis

    he lost if he dont respond

  • Jcarmichael

    Meek should have never opened his mouth. He ain’t got no bars. Not like Cass, but when you challenge somebody to a battle then back down he already lost.

  • Money $ Mike

    how u not gonna respond? thats plain SUCKER shit.. how this old head gon say that im dissapointed no disrespect but back in the day rappers say something slick to eachother there was no backin down until the situation was dealt with.. what we not competitive no more? dudes scared to lose now? thats exactly why people say hip hop is declining 


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