| Shotgun Suge On Charron: I’m “Gonna Stomp All Over The White Boy”

“At the end of the day this isn’t a bully competition this is a rap battle,” Charron says.

With a battle scheduled for SMACK/URL’s “Summer Madness 4: Warm-Up” card later this month, Charron and Shotgun Suge traded barbs in a pair of interviews filmed by 15 Minutes of Fame Radio.

The match-up comes after a cancelled battle between the two in 2013 originally scheduled for King Of The Dot’s “World Domination 4″ event last summer. The match-up is also fuelled by a feud over Charron’s “Crip” persona which made an appearance in the Canadian battler’s match-up against Arsonal in Don’t Flop last year.

Speaking about his opponent, Suge said he’s “gonna stomp all over the white boy” before echoing some of his own tweets over the last week.

“This is disrespect,” he added. “So I’m gonna disrespect him. It ain’t disrespect it’s just how I feel.”

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When asked if he plans to bully Charron, Suge hinted that he’ll play the same role he’s known for among fans.

“I’m not bullying him,” he said. “This is not bullying ‘cause could be anybody, so I’m bullying ‘cause I do this to everybody. It ain’t bullying when you do it to everybody … Everybody hates the so-called bullies. They think I be picking on niggas. I don’t be picking on niggas it just come off like that ‘cause they’re soft. All these niggas is soft so it just come off like that. I ain’t bullying I’m being a man. I’m a man, I look a nigga in his face like a man. I talk to a nigga like a man. I shake a nigga hand like a man. If I gotta problem with a man I tell a man I gotta problem with him. I ain’t no ho … The game been missing me. Win or lose they wanna see me in the ring. Ain’t nobody more entertaining than me. But this ain’t even entertainment, it’s just how I come. It’s real. It’s just how I come on. It’s natural.”

Asked about fan expectations coming into the match, Suge said he thinks the audience will be pulling for Charron.

“You know, he battling me, so they gonna be dick-sucking him,” he said. “But fuck him. Niggas gon’ feel this though. I’m gonna shock the world with this one. I fuck around and make ABC News with this one. That’s how I’m coming man … Charron, I ain’t even battling him. I’m talking to him. It ain’t no battle, I’m talking to you. I ain’t even talking to you I’m talking to the world. Niggas gon’ feel me after this.”

On the battle’s placement on the Day 1 card rather than the main “Summer Madness 4″ event, Shotgun said he belongs on the bigger stage.

“I feel like I should have been on Summer Madness on the 28th, you know what I’m saying?” he said. “I feel like I should have been on the first Summer Madness and the one after that and the one after that. But it is what it is though. We gon’ do the warm-up.”

In a separate interview, Charron predicted a 3-0 win against Shotgun Suge.

“I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do,” he said. “You saw what I did against Magic. It was a good performance. I had laryngitis and whatnot, I think I could definitely perform better. A lot of the stuff didn’t come out the way I wanted it to. Against Suge man, it’s gonna be utter domination. I predict he’s gonna do well too. I don’t think I’m gonna ruin his life but I think I’m gonna body him. 3-0. Decisive win.”

When asked about the possibility of Suge bullying him on stage, Charron said, “this isn’t a bully competition this is a rap battle.”

“He’s not gonna be able to bully me around,” he said. “In what sense? Is he gonna get in my face? Sure. Am I gonna push him and tell him to get out of my face? Nah, I’m not gonna do that. Is he gonna pocket-check me? Let him pocket-check me. What’s that really gonna do? I’ll probably have like $40 American on me. I’m not really concerned if he gets his Cheeto fingers on those. I don’t really care. At the end of the day this isn’t a bully competition this is a rap battle.

“I’m gonna bully him with lyrics. I’m gonna bar his life away. To me that’s bullying, when I’m getting in his face and I’m saying some stuff the fans want to say to him, that he needs to figure out about himself, have a revelation and reconsider what he’s doing with battling. So at the end of the day I will be doing the bullying, he’s gonna be doing the intimidating.”


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