| Uno Lavoz Breaks Down Politics In Battle Rap


Lavoz tells that Dirtbag Dan didn’t deserve the Charlie Clips match-up last year and that URL newcomer Dot is “terrible.”

We talk through his cancelled clashes with Daylyt and he says that he believes that Daylyt is not recognized off the back of his talent. He also confirmed that he had some notable shenanigans planned for the match-up, and would happily use them were the match-up to go down in future. “I do have something special for him though, I’m the king of that shit. I started that shit.”

He also lists Cortez, Rum Nitty, Danny Myers, Marv Won and URL Proving Grounds’ Dot as future competitors he would relish, taking particular delight in the latter. “I would love to battle Dot,” he laughs, “Because he’s such a target. I wanna have a fucking field day with a dude like that.”

He has also locked sights on Dirtbag Dan, claiming that he is no longer relevant and did not deserve his match-up with Charlie Clips, blaming battle politics. “As far as battle rap’s concerned, he doesn’t deserve no fucking matches like that,” asserts Uno. “I wanna battle him just because he’s in my lane, and he will be like the only… He’s the only dude left.” He goes on to explain his perceived beef with the old school Grind Time West Coast menagerie. “Whoever’s funny from back then doesn’t like me now because, I mean, they can’t fuck with me. That’s all. It’s not my fault. Y’know? Either stay relevant or get better.”

He has also confirmed a battle often spoken about on U.K. shores at Don’t Flop’s “6th Birthday Weekend” against Big J, and decries both him and previous opponent Wiseguy as Uno clones. He outlines his approach to beating them. “I just be myself.” he says. “They can’t beat me being me, know what I mean? You’re just doing what I do, so if I just do me, you’re gonna get killed. What are you gonna do, rap? No.”

In addition, he takes the time to separate his persona from his personality, claiming that he is “really quiet and shy in real life. Really shy,” and objects to being greeted with mom jokes after battles. “People just think I walk down the street butt naked screaming mom jokes and shit,” he says.

He holds Okwerdz and Math up as two examples of co-performers that he feels change completely in their persona, but qualifies that Arsonal and Tsu Surf are both “really cocky in real life.”

He reveals that he has turned down a slot at “World Domination 5,” with a view to focusing on larger names. “I’m not gonna continue to do, like, little names that don’t interest me,” he says. “Yeah, some of the stuff will make for an entertaining battle but if that’s all I’m gonna be then there’s no point.”

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  • D_Zone

    Raw is hella underrated real shit but im looking forward seeing this battle though lol

  • William Devon Wilson

    Danja Zone would FUCK Raw Up!!!! set it up Smack!!!!!

  • Δη!mαℓ Kιηςdσm♛

    im really lookin to see this battle. but make this nigga take baby steps before he even battle anyone he mentioned in this interview.


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