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Rum-Nitty-vs-Steams pulls together the updates from URL’s first West Coast event.

SMACK/URL hosted its first official battle event on the West Coast last Saturday (Feb. 28). The Proving Grounds card, hosted KG The Poet and Aspect One, went down in Las Vegas and featured a main event that pitted Rum Nitty against Steams.

It was a smaller event, so there aren’t as many social media updates to go from, but many spectators are calling Rum Nitty and Steamsโ€™ battle one of the best of all time.



The rest of the card was a mix of emcees who’ve gained experience in the Fresh Coast’s GZ Battles division and AHAT. There were numerous no-shows and cancellations on the 12-battle card, including Cali Smoov (after a car accident from which he’s recovering), T2Good, AB Hogish, Supersick and Kristofire. Also missing were two of the event’s four announced hosts: Looney Divine and Norbes.

Despite the absences, the event got positive buzz across the board.

Posting on Facebook this morning, event organizer KG The Poet wrote:

I couldn’t be more proud of this weekends results. This proving ground event in Las Vegas showed that the west coast has the skill to war with anyone in this country. From the possible battle of the year withย [Rum Nitty]ย &ย [Steams], numerous stand out performances, as well a stand out performance on the tryouts. We built something this weekend. It’s only gon get better from here.

Many attendees and battlers offered their take on the event over social media. Weโ€™ve compiled some of the best commentary below:




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    RT @OhhShitShow: ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ wtf is dat... gang gang guntitles whaddup
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    RT @djrebelion: @TheRealTayRoc won that fucking battle vs Hollow. He got these niggas tight days after that Math line. Sheesh!!!
  • #MrMaryland
    RT @SaddamBruv: @TheRealTayRoc I look up to you bro, big time. Your battles are the only battles I watch cause I continuously feel your barโ€ฆ
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    This gone be dope
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    RT @JosephKahn: I love @BIGTQMB. He gave me so many takes at high energy through the day on BODIED. Super pro.