BATTLERAP.COM|Th3 Saga & Shotgun Suge Spar Ahead Of Match-Up

The two emcees face off before their style clash at URL’s “Rookies vs. Vets” on March 28.

With the buzz still building ahead of URL’s “Rookies vs. Vets” event later this month, rappers Shotgun Suge and relative newcomer Th3 Saga sat down with Smack White ahead of their battle planned for March 28 in New York.

Suge is known for his no-nonsense, pocket-checking bully presence in the ring, a strong contrast to Th3 Saga’s Christian background and near-preaching style. While his first filmed appearance dates back to the middle of 2012, Th3 Saga’s most recent match-up against fellow rookie Prep was just his sixth on-cam battle ever. Still, the Prep vs. Th3 Saga battle quickly built high expectations for both up-and-comers, enough so that even Prep warned Suge of Th3 Saga’s skill after their match-up.

Shotgun Suge & Th3 Saga In Studio
Getting hostile during their sitdown with Smack, both Th3 Saga and Suge talked plenty (and loudly) about putting their best foot forward.

“It’s gon’ be something they never seen before, man,” Th3 Saga said. “Besides being my main-stage debut I think it’s a big movement, for the culture, not only for just battle rap, the Christian movement and Christian hip hop. At the same time, what I’m trying to deliver that night is gon’ be something you’ve never seen from me before and definitely something Suge ain’t never seen before.”

Suge shrugged off the Christian angle, promising Saga that it won’t have any effect. As for what Suge’s bringing to the battle, it doesn’t sound like he’ll be getting personal. “I know nothing about him. I just know he go to church every Sunday,” Suge said.

Shotgun Suge: “Th3 Saga Needs Gun Bars To Beat Me”
In another interview, Suge downplayed Saga further, saying that his opponent might be forced into contradicting himself.

“He needs gun bars to beat me,” Suge said. “He knows this. If he switches up his style in any way he loses because he’s gonna contradict himself. Like I told him, I’m just different.”

During this interview Suge also distanced himself from T-Top, saying he’s not mad that Smack is trying to develop a younger version of himself but hinted that he thinks Top lacks originality.

“T-Top is alright. He ain’t did nothing I ain’t did already,” Suge offered. “I pulled the trap phone on camera first. Then he did it on 106 & Park they sucking his dick over it.”

Th3 Saga Says Shotgun Suge Is “All About Character”
Separately, Th3 Saga chopped it up with veteran battle rap journalist Michael Hughes and warned Suge that he’s already seen his style when he faced off against T-Top.

“Suge has these lines every now and again that may catch you, but it’s all about the character,” Saga said. “He’s all about character and appearance and how he looks to you. That’s not really gonna compare to what I’m gonna do. I’ve taken that loss [to T-Top] and I’ve understood what it takes to do that. Just because I’m Christian don’t mean I ain’t been through stuff. Suge is the perfect example of what I need to get myself done with.”

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