#BattleRappersUncut How I Got My Name “The 2 Piece Story”

BattleRappersUncut How I Got My Name  The 2 Piece Story    YouTube

Battle Rappers Uncut Season 2 Ep. 8
How I Got My Name “The 2 Piece Story”

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  • Dat Nicca

    Fuck what these washed up niccas like tech9 talking about, I like what Daylyt bring to the table. He has bars and can’t no one take that away from him, but what he’s doing is adding that additional level of interest. That shit that make you wanna watch his battle regardless of who he is battling, just because you wanna see stunts he’s pulling (if any). Niccas always saying Bars over everything, but battle rap stopped being just about bars a while ago. With so many nice niccas doing it now, you gotta bring a little something different to the table to stand out. Daylyt keep doing you homey. We all watching and I think that’s the whole point. As for Tech9, I gotta believe this Cortez battle is the last time we gonna see him on a URL main stage. Fuck outta here nicca! Your style is tired now. Don’t hate in the new school like daylyt and johnjohn, learn from ’em.

    • rexchap

      All these niggas STYLES are washed up!!!! TFOH!!!! I’m tired of CON, HOLLA, CLIPS, VERB, and many more

      At least you dont know what TECH, DAYLYT or LUX will say! The rest of these niggas are PREDICTABLE!!!!

  • Δη!mαℓ Kιηςdσm♛

    Tech 9 is crack in the 80’s… lmao0o0oo…

    • Rip-Brandon White CheweysHome


  • Hiphopconaseur

    I personally don’t agree with the last stunt Daylyt pulled. So in that respect I agree with Tech 9 but to be totally honest in this day and age it’s pretty much a free for all in many respects and what Daylyt does will bring publicity and attention to him which seems to be what he’s looking for

  • Biscuit

    First off I think Daylyt is a kool dude. He got a beautiful wife thats not a battle rap chick and he take care of his kid. I also like the way Daylyt went to Detroit and Cal didnt pull his card. And the way he showed niggas that Math Hoffa is only a bully when he is comfortable, that was the first time I have ever seen Math Hoffa scared. Real niggas know the body language and the way the nigga sprinkled the water like a lil kid. He actually made Math Hoffa forget his hands worked smh. Daylyt from me to you bro do whatever you feel, if Math can swing on a kid and get props for that than you do you. But I would like to see at least one battle you come dressed like a Cali Watts nigga with your blue chucks khaki pants white Tee and your blue rag and spit nothing but hard Trex style bars cause thats what the battle rap world need.


    ayyyeeee yoooo this nigga daylyt is gay ..point blank .. he sound even more gay when said he got into a hot tub ass naked with calicoe.he did that photo with him hugging a man..suspects movements with calicoe and getting his ass grabbed idk..where these homo thugs coming from i guess because cali allowed gay married ,they now fighting for homo thugs to get respect ..this isnt a good look for battle rap .there is no place for on the low niggas.is has never been cool to get naked in front of men ……Maybe I am old school ——like peanut butter on…. a on mouse trap!!!!

  • Batman


  • KingBKings


    • CortesDoesIt

      Bill Collector Is no where near daylyt calliber

  • See Styles

    Daylyt will rip Tech 9 point black !

  • Mone

    On the biggest stage in URL, niggas showing pics of men ass naked on the jumbo-tron, niggas bring card board cut outs on stage with niggas heads super imposed on playmates bodies, niggas pulling out dental floss.. all this on REAL NIGGA TIME, as Tech 9 put it, but he’s co-signing that? Daylyt was right, this shit has become the WWE. It’s entertainment evolved. Tech should just step in the ring with Daylty and shut the fugg up.
    Since SM1 his battles have been sub par to trash. Against DNA, a loss. Clearly, no debating. Against Bill Collector, a loss. I haven’t seen the footage yet, but I’m pretty sure Cortez fugged him up, because Cortez is better. hell, i think the crowd gassed Tech during his battle with Midwest Myles. Miles spit some shit that battle, but the crowd was still in love with Tech’s “entertainment” value at the time.
    I’m Tech fan, but let’s be real, Tech career ain’t been the same since Aye Verb single handedly JaRuled Tech’s career, when he started dropping blogs pointing out what everybody had overlooked up til that point, because they were tuning in to Tech’s “entertainment.”

    • JMH2235

      Tech should defiantly battle Daylylt because eveyone said Cortez killed Tech and Daylyt is the only nigga that will take him now because his stock so low after three bad performances in the row.

  • CortesDoesIt

    This Is Some Funny Ass Shit man


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