Beasley Addresses Past Issues with Hitman Holla


  • Marcus Jordan

    Right Beasley …… I don’t think ANYBODY that has said a line about then blasting at niggas or killing this or that, not on that. I have sold some weed or bag or work before…. But I ain’t no drug dealer, or weight mover. Where I’m from lots of niggas be around and hear a story another nigga told and put they self in it and and more to it than what it was. You think Zimmerman gonna ever get on a song and say how he murk a Lil black nigga, he’ll nawl…. But he really did that….. You battle rapping nigga aint really bout what y’all say. And hit an I fux with you. But you wasn’t gonna do nothing. Annnnnd you made that fuss for that wack ass 2nd and 3rd round…

  • ohgod

    My man Beasley. This nigga should be the face of URL. Very well spoken, well educated and diplomatic in the way he conducts business and puts forward the URL case. Respect to you, Beasley.

  • Marsiano007

    why the fuck are these niggas making threats at smack when if it wasn’t for smack or beastly they wouldn’t even be known have some fucking respect or go battle somewhere else damn divas. niggas need to grow the fuck up and stop acting so spoiled and put ur egos a side… and if niggas is coming to fight at the event suspend them or disqualified they asses.

  • Matt L Parks

    I don’t think it was meant to be taken seriously, but I get what he’s saying. You have to draw the line somewhere. Just like with Daylyte’s boy knocking Smacks hat off. They need to respect the business.

  • ChiseEagle

    Ok, I understand you saying a grown man is not going to threaten URL to get their way, sooooo Daylyt presses Smack in the street at SM3, where were you?
    I’m just sayin…..

  • battle rap fan!

    I see why Beasley stay behind the scenes he boring as hell !!! Damn I fell asleep

  • remley

    This nigga Bease is 4-0! Okwerdz, Arsonal, Loaded Lux, and now Hitman. This man is undefeated

    • North

      He looked stupid against Loaded Lux.

    • bringing drama

      Would you say it was a body bag?

  • JAWZ

    Beasley and smack are grown men, And niggaz be talking crazy 2 them, Y’all rap dudes need 2 stop that bitch shit b4 one of you rap fags get hurt, Smack is not alone. once he give’s the word, Man down, REAL TALK.

  • Dark knight

    Beasley caught another body…..Beasley vs whoever @SM4 smmmmiiidddacckkkk set it up!!!!!!!

  • Ray B

    The battle was wack anyway it should’ve been a 1 rounder

  • Mone

    “In 4 years the URL has never had a fight…” ~ God Damned MATH!!! Now that’s a nigga that needs to be banned. He fukin up everybody’s money.

  • whatup

    The battle was horrible. You guys should have tossed that out your car window.

  • Big Tim

    Smack pays these nigga’s to put the battles out when the fuck URL feels like it. Smack stop kissing these nigga’s ass and let them go and rap some where else.

  • Wolfpack Toma

    Beasley jinxed SM3 by saying there werent any fights at their events


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