Beasley Defends the SM3 Card & Talks Swave vs Daylyt – Summer Madness 3 is fast approaching and it seems as though many battlers aren’t happy with the way business is being run on Smack/URL. Cortez recently posted a blog addressing his personal issues with Smack/URL’s business relationships with battlers, and how he thinks things can be remedied by adding more solid communication and financial benefits for the battlers. DNA took a separate approach and actually recorded himself in the studio spitting a full battle verse airing out the entire Summer Madness 3 roster.

Loaded Lux released a music video titled “Bout My Money,” where he actually addressed some of his own personal business dealings with Smack/URL dating back to the league’s beginnings when he battled the likes of Young Miles, among others. In the song he also touched briefly on why he isn’t on Summer Madness 3 vs Hollow Da Don. As a result, VladTV brought Loaded Lux back to our offices for a third interview with Battle Rap journalist Michael Hughes.

Lux spoke on why he isn’t battling Hollow Da Don on Summer Madness 3, why he feels asking for $40,000 is a very reasonable number, battlers not being properly accommodated financially for their contribution to Smack/URL’s growth, and a plan he presented to Smack/URL to expand the revenue the battles bring in, among other things.

Beasley spoke with Battle Rap journalist Michael Hughes



  • Henry Xcels

    Beasley 100

  • Kix

    Daylyt didn’t earn it!! I can’t see this Summer Sadness being a success. Not hating just disappointed..

    • jjustice

      URL did a real shitty job of promoting SM3. No trailer, if SM3 is a failure, it could seriously hurt the brand. I got a feeling they may have a loaded card for the October anniversary show.

  • red ink

    mook and lux is still being talk to today….lux wasn’t on the main event last year but he has the most views….hes telling us to forget the ones who paved the way….they are snakes

    • dave

      hes nt sayin forgt them do we hear murda mook komplainin all over the internet I respect Clips for the blog he put explainin his whole situation now they are getting there business rite that’s how men do it…..lux told calicoe he was a lil boi kause a man didn’t raise him…lux is actin like a lil boi kryin to us fans and anybody wo is apart ov this culture kause smack rejected his idea answer this how kan a man believe in somthn that has nt been proven to him LUX is komin at SMACK with a idea that he hasn’t even tried yet it would b different if LUX’S ideas already worked for him….Wheres Hollow he s nt ot here makin this diss records or blogging anychance he gt he said wat it was n left it at that….SMACK that blog was fucked up u want battlers to step they game up T-Rex Told u at the 4/20 event make it apart of there contracts that way nothing kan b misunderstood,,,,,,,if this is a sport then treat the contract like a sport bouneses deductiables a gaurented amount no matter wat but push say you payin them 5 make them earn that whole 5 gaurente bout 2500 to 3 if they slip up or treat the battle lite they gt the 25 if they give u a performance the fans in the building and whoever is financially responsible for the event happy give them they extra 500 rite after they battle is over then yall kan work tha other 1 rack ot dealin wit all the views and attention the battle get afterwards and a rack to promote the battle for exposure… the end of the day opinions like assholes everybody gt one pause GET IT TOGETHER

      • locks

        shut up u essay writing low life no job having nigga
        when did lux cry.. he is just explaining his part from the story like smack had his side .. and whatever u decide to believe is up to u but making lies is another thing thats faggot shit

        • dave

          u internet thuggin pimp that’s lame,,,its no need for him to keep explaining hiself,,, the truth doesn’t need to b explained he keep tellin us the same thing over n over smack said what he said and left it as that hollow said what he said n left it as that real nigahs dnt keep explaining the truth

  • dave

    No Bullshit These Diva Ass Battle Rappers Should Jus Put On Some Speedo’s PAUSE kause they bout turn battle rap to WWE nothing but fake entertainment Yo Everybody At URL don’t let these battle rappers destroy yall business didn’t LUX say U either build or destroy yall all helped eachother make battle rap wat it is today now all yall bout to destroy it together kause MONEY point blank period battle rappers are pocket watchin n estimatin and smack and yall are doin funny business wont all yall sitdwn n kome to a understandin wit ot letting it ot publicly….yall make a certain pay level for the battle rappers top tier mid tier and new komers make the rappers climb a food chain and yall as the business should have big promotion yall artist should feel komfortable…..Let me put this in yall ear URL is like A Record Label no explanation needed

  • jwash

    So did they give up on making trailers for this shit?

  • ms marjane

    url’s promotion for sm3 was poor from the start. politics are obviously foul. it’s *not* just the rappers fault. smack and b aint takin NO responsibility for how shit is right now.

  • God Aweful

    What the fuck y’all crying about promotion for at this point? Everybody on this website knows when and where Summer Madness will be. Everybody knows the card. Are you saying your decision on buying a ticket really depends on a trailer? Shit it wasn’t even that long ago when Smack didn’t have any trailers for these events, but now it is a requirement or a sign of bad business if you don’t have it? Niggas be tripping. I just want good battles and I don’t need the fluff to enjoy battle rap.

  • IG:TheRealBigLeak

    So switch up the Contracts.

    Sign battle rap niggaz up X amount of battles, then you control who they battle.

  • D

    Where the trailer? None the less I understand where he coming from. Sometimes you have to build for the future. They trying to create new stars, how often can you relied on the past.

  • barondebxl

    Daylyt’s gonna take a shit on stage LMAO!!!!!

  • Art

    Great break downs. I love smack the #1 battle league

  • halftime

    Beasley and Smack need to hire some professionals to runs the operations of their business and sit their Pinkey and the Brain looking asses in the background. The URL isn’t the development league and SM3 isn’t preseason. No one wants to see half of these lame matches up’s at SM3. I agree they deserve a chance but not during All Star Weekend! Put them on another card. Yall already cheated us last year with that wack ass Mook vs Solomon battle, now this! you wonder why you have so many disgruntle employees coming at Smack on Twitter.

    • mitchbuchanan

      dont blame smack for a wack battle maybe blame the people battling…. are the professionals smack and beasley hiring gonna write the bars for the battles lol

  • mitchbuchanan

    From wen Beasley mentions Lux wanted to be a partner but didnt want to front any money. it gives me the idea Lux is not a businessman and the whole PPV idea although it sounds worthwhil, the numbers may not be right or something is overlooked


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