Beasley Explains Why Smack/URL Won’t Pay Lux $40k


  • YouAlready

    Can’t front Beasley be catching bodies first Arsonal now Lux. Url is a business Loaded Lux is a battle rapper, guys need to stay in their lane.

    • zeekyg

      I agree I think he abojt to body clipz too lol why clipz talking all this fly shit

  • tipoftheiceberg

    Can’t wait t see how the Lux stans try to dispute anything this man says here. The most sense anyone has made. People don’t realize what lux wants is not something url can easily and it makes no business sense for someone to get guarenteed percentages while putting up NO risk. You are right..beasley just caught a body.

    • BamBam


    • Jamal

      no body ever said give Lux 40k when you cant. We know the cost cannot be paid now.. I could tell beasley knows about what he saying..i knew lux didnt know when he said if 1% of 3 million people..1st of all those views arent may only be 1 million unique people…and the rest multiple views..and 1% is an insane conversion rate..more like 0.01 percent…my whole thing is wait for the right time..I think thats why this Math hoffa shit was scripted with the punch..they def set that the publicity around URL is even higher..battle rap can only fail if we lose interest in it…fighting doesnt make us lose interest, so battle rap will be fine..I do think that Lux did more for battling..he uses rex, and the rest as example of asking for half 20k cause they got 1 million views..But like beasley said this is a niche sport..the same people watch this shit…lux shit was was the only URL video to go viral..when something goes viral it spreads to people who wouldnt normally see it. He went on howard stern, he appealed to a totally untapped market…URL and KOTD use to be close in subscribers..maybe 15k off..ow URL has gained almost 50,000 more and now leads by 70k..there wasnt really any battles that shocked the world..that may be attributed to the lux battle..and we will never know unless market research..that being said there is a vale expanding the culture like that…even if lux brought in 20k new subscribers…those 20k will also have word of mouth and bring friends in…he help spread it with one all the shit he did with the free battles that he wasnt paid for..i think 40k is good..its not like lux is gonna battle mad more times..he may only do 1 or 2 that 40k to me is like a career shit..unless smack and them want to start putting incentives in the contract..

      • TipOfTheIceberg

        first u say the 3 mil video is really a 1 mil video with the same people re-watching and then u say the vid when viral. which is it? coz a true viral video would mean that 3mil unique people actually saw it. and the more important question is…who do u think set the hit up and why??

        • Jamal

          dog the term viral isnt defined in the context you use it. Viral means spreading fast in a short period of time. Viral doesnt necessarily mean it has to have 100 million views. When a normal battle on url drop it get like 30k views first day and move up fast and people come back and watch etc.. Lux joint got 250k views the first day..that and a million in like 2 weeks or something or a little less..that means it spread to 1 million in the fatest any other video in url history that in itself tells you it reached an audience outside the normal battle fan..if every battle never got those kinda views so fast that means theres a constraint in the battle rap world in reference to how many views can you get in a day. Lux battle went out of that scope and got like 10 times more thats how we know it went viral. And i dunno, i think math bars leading up to the hit made it look like it was set up..i think it gave url publicity..theres no such thing as bad publicity…so a sub-par event that didnt even get promoted is now the talk of the net…people that dont know about battling gonna hear about it, check out the story and url will bring in more fans..What math did really doesnt hurt anyone but the people who came to the event…and the battlers like swave, daylte, jj and jc…thats just my smack holds the punch footage and can release that for money later on like years..release it out the vault and charge and shit..i dunno…kinda wwe ish

  • RespectDaCulture

    At the end of the day, Beasley doesn’t need to keep explaining himself/URL over and over again…but big ups to him cuz he keeps answering all the nonsense…salute to you, Beasley!

  • Guest

    Respect…..Fuck Star Doe

  • Jlove

    They won’t pay him 40K because they are cheap and no nothing about real business

    • Soulja

      cut it out…..everyone is ready to bash URL….they keeping it very professional with these artist who are now throwing shots at the throne.

      • North

        They keep it professional..? Lol. Have you been following the culture the last 5 years? They’re amateurs.

  • Jlove

    I actually listened to this whole interview and I had to rewrite what I wrote. Beasley is not as wrong as I thought. Lux is still worth in my eyes but I think he should have negotiated a little more and have a little more patience.
    Both URL, Lux, and Top Tier battle rappers need to get their shit together.

  • Raymond

    I think URL can make it happen. I think Lux is worth 40K. He’s the greatest, even with only about 10 on camera battles. But what Lux is worth and what URL can pay are different things.

    I’m one of the people who would pay to see these big events, especially with Lux and Hitman on the card because they put on a show. I also understand where URL is coming from in terms of their presentation, because they do have the best videos.

    What I think a lot of fans like myself have not felt, is how Smack went about it. That passive aggressive video blog was a bad look for a “businessman.” Respect to Beasley, though. URL needs him to address press and rappers. This is the best video I’ve seen explaining URL’s side of things.

    We all make mistakes in life, though. Moving forward, as a fan, I want to see big names, so stop trying to play your money makers. And Lux, Hitman, Charlie, and DNA, need to get right with URL and URL needs to get right with them. Both parties need each other. They wouldn’t exist without the other #forward

    • chico

      Smack, I respect this posters opinion but as a fan I want to see great shoows and hear hot bars I’m not tryin to date a url nigga and I’m not a groupie so I can give a fuck about a ‘big name’. All the nome3 big names were supbar so the fuck I care about name value I’m just in it for the bars.

      • Raymond

        Pause. Groupie?! Haha. I’ll leave the schoolgirl name calling to you but; 1) I said I felt where Beasly was coming from. He makes a lot of good points 2) Those “big names” you talk about have bars. How do you think they got the names?! People act like you can’t have both. 3) Lux and Hitman would and have killed any and everyone on that card. Big T and JC might give them a run for their $ because they’re the nicest dudes on it. And there are “big names” No one is shitting on the card. Do I think it’s worthy of SM3? Maybe not. But it’s a good card. I follow everyone on this card. My point is that URL took subliminal shots at their artists and in my opinion, that’s unprofessional. SM3 should have bars and big names. Chill out, broham.

  • zeekyg

    Hitman holla and aye verb both had battles that has 3 million views good shit beasley but u right lux not worth 40k

    • Raymond

      That’s not what he said.

  • COca nostra

    Why should lux get paid more than smack. Do you think after all expenses are paid smack will have that much especially after paying his partners .

  • niyon

    Point blank no battle rapper is worth 40k for a battle!!!! Actual mainstream recording artist get 40k and up for an entire show not just for a 15 minute performance.These battle rappers are getting to caught up in the fame and not in it for love anymore.URL should come up with a set rate that they pay high demand battle rappers not “top tier” but high demand battle rappers.Because 90% of these so called big names dont show up majority of the time anyway.

  • ohgod

    VLAD tv put out some of the BEST interviews around. Beasley is a very intelligent nigga. Respect to this man. Sir, I salute you.

    • ohgod

      Ayo. But with that being said: how does KOTD arrange Streaming and PPV??????

      • TipOfTheIceberg

        you don’t know how much they made off the ppv. yea they did one, but did they sell 5000, or 50? You just don’t know. for all we know the ppv could have flopped. it could have sold millions. u just don’t know.

        • BattleRapFan

          if it didnt do well they wouldnt continue to stream there events for ppv

        • myian barnes

          I know I didn’t pay for it but saw most of the battles the next day on youtube. The quality sucked, live stream is not the move for this type of event.

      • TaTa_U

        KOTD is getting paid three times over… You pay at the door to get in the event… People pay for the PPV and KOTD gets paid for the youtube hits.
        URL is lazy and unprofessional. Beasley sitting up there talking about how impossible or difficult it would be to set up the PPV… WTF… It’s both possible and doable ie… King to the Dot. And as far as Lux wanted a partnership… It could have been a contractual partnership for SM3 and out… and Not all of the SM3 proceeds it could have been for say 2% of the PPV or a portion of HIS BATTLE youtube hits… Something. They should have been able to sit down and work this out like businessmen and brothers.

        • tipoftheiceberg

          They did work it out. Url said no. That’s working it out. They r not obligated to pay lux 40grand or give him a percentage of anything. If they don’t want to do it they don’t have to. This frees up lux to do the shit on his own and make even more money for hiimself.

        • tip

          Kotd makin all that money yet they pay battlers less than smack. Hmmmmm.

  • Agreed

    For theses turkeys that swear URL making a million dollars an event. C’mon son it takes money and like I said before if its so simple why lux ain’t get a 40k deal anywhere else? Diddly could put up 40k, stat said he would put up 30k. Lux trying to get paid plain and simple.

  • myian barnes


  • ScottyPimpen33

    Lux $40,000
    Hollow: $15,000 (Minimum)
    Venue: $55,000
    Cam Crew: 5,000
    Security: 5,000
    Union Fee’s: $2,000
    Production for the battle: $1,000

    $123,000 and thats only with one battle.

    Not to mention beasly, smack, chico, norbes, and other unknown members apart of the crew all have to get paid so they can feed their own families.

    • ScottyPimpen33

      Thats the price of a house in certain parts of the country. Now would you rather buy a house or watch Lux vs Hollow

      • BamBam


    • whatup

      Where did you get those numbers?the total price would be about 150,000 when everything is said and done.

  • CMunroe21

    All these being said, the evolution of the culture will go nowhere if you broke ass niggas don’t respect and support. Meaning money! Beasley is saying a lot of realistic facts but lux and others are trying to make this huge. So chances have to be taken and fans have to be willing to pay for streams or pay per view. Ima lux fan but this a tough situation..

  • North

    Is URL paying for the few people here to support them in the comments? Beasley and SMACK are amateurs in business. It’s plain to see. Lux is their ticket to more transgression (he helped them get Jay-Z’s attention among others and bring light to the culture overnight) yet these fools ignore their main product for frugal attempts to not spend money. Takes money to make money.

    • Beasley

      Nigga you need to learn the definition of transgression.

    • ScottyPimpen33

      Jay-z admitted to watching battle rap way before the Lux battle.

    • myian barnes

      Jay-Z said that he’s seen every battle posted online….he’s an avid fan anyway.

  • chris

    lux is looking as a top tier artist and the battle arena as his cd’s. yes, the label profits from it, but you get a percentage of money for every album sold. if the culture was bigger, it’d be perfectly reasonable to ask for a percentage of each PPV and anything else his work is in without the “partner” talk. Unfortunately though, he makes sense. dudes aren’t tryna pay.

  • BWhite

    Give him that Money, y’all making it back off YouTube alone!!!!

  • Art

    Great breakdown. Great 4 the fans, keep up the good work.

  • Art

    Great breakdown. That’s what fans need 2 know and understand. Keep up the good work

  • Art

    That’s 2 much. Url been doing a great job on making sure battle rappers like myself getting notice and paid a way more then in the past.

  • nigga

    beasley, if you wanna come to a common ground with lux then tell him all this shit and not vlad, this battle isnt just lux’s responsibility its also urs, yah eating off eachother
    i just dont think that yah tried hard enough to make this happen which brings me to the conclusion that yah cheap as fuck, cuz if you were making offers that would’ve hurt you in the long run thats cool, but if u weren’t pushing the offer to lux hard, then of course he aint gunna take that shit. offering is one thing, to push the offer is another


    Let me ask this what would smackk do if all the battle rappers said their not battle on smackk anymore and went to other places how many views would you have then..BATTLE RAPPERS are the reason why you get views if they didn’t battle no one comes to the site period

    • TipOfTheIceberg

      It don’t work like that lol. Its like asking what if all the wwe wrestlers told vince McMahon they are going to ring of honor. Or like asking what if all the ufc fighters said they were going to PRIDE. its a reason these battle rappers staying on smack. u don’t hear no one but lux asking for this money so its not like all these rappers disgruntled about their pay anyway. don’t act as if lux speaking for every artist.

    • mitchbuchanan

      if that happens those battlers who left URL would make less money and you will see a power vacuum filled by their absense with new battle rappers. becoming the new top tier.. if they left they would suffer and sooner or later return to URL

  • Brixxxx

    All That Money Could Pay For Like 30 Provin Grounds Battles That Could Be Even Better Then The One Battle Anyway SAVE YOUR MONEY FOR BETTER BATTLES, One Match Is NEVER Better Then Five, Five Will Last You Way Longer

    • BamBam

      PREACH !!!!!!!!!

  • TipOfTheIceberg

    this Beasley blog right here a straight up finishing move. Like…he RKO’d this shit. Anyone wanna talk shit about URL after reading this is just a dick riding lux stan who wants to argue just to argue. if you cant listen to this blog and understand where they url comin from then nothing anyone else says will mean anything to you. shout out to 2 of you lux fans here who have posted that you do understand this situation a lot better now that uve listened to this.

    • BamBam

      PREACH !!!!!!!!!!!

  • barondebxl

    Beasley talked some real ishh

  • Kid Dynomite

    dats bullshit lux will draw in a crowd that is uncountable between him and hollow would be win…dem same niggas would come and see loaded just off of respect I still havent seen hitman an con

    • TipOfTheIceberg

      you don’t know what kinda crowd lux will draw. and if niggas bootlegging ppvs fans will watch the bootleg instread of payin for the ppv. u talkin to a culture that damn near ran the music game out of business by downloadin songs off napster, limewire and all the other bootleg sites the music industry had the change the entire model now u sayin 200k people will perchance a battlerap ppv? u don’t really believe that.

      • Kid Dynomite

        My nigga all of smack venues been sold out u acting like tgey tryna sell out madison square garden…an I bet if they streamed that shit on the internet like lux was talkin bout niggas woukd buy it…I know I would king juice or who dat fuck eva sold dat bullshit st louis card and niggas bought it

  • TaTa_U

    Beasley full of shit, If KOTD can use the PPV successfully on more than one occasion; why not try it.
    It just all becoming very sad and Niggerish.

    • TipOfTheIceberg

      you don’t know how successful the ppv was for kotd and most importantly the highest paid kotd mc gets 7K. Its a different ballgame when u talkin bout paying one mc 40k, that’s what you’re not thinkin about.

      • TaTa_U

        KOTD has reached out to Lux
        Star has 30Gs

        • tip

          Lux said yesterday in an interview that they havnt. But even if they hav good for lux. Let kotd pay him if they want to.

    • mitchbuchanan

      the last time KOTD payed anybody 40k they lost money lol.. KOTD dont pay as much as URL as well

  • iBraveHeart

    the man makes sense, he should be on camera more often instead of smack , cause that bars over names vlog smack did fueled the fire, KNOWING that was a direct shot to certain individuals but i guess it did build anticipation on SM3. But other than that these niggas becoming divas over night, and all these pocket watching going on is ridiculous. Come with BARS and continue to please your fans, and build this culture instead of breaking it down on some crab in the barrel type shit..

  • Realer Dealer

    & niggas is buggin Calicoe was the perfect nigga (& only nigga) he couldve got them godbody righteous bars off on. aint nobody tryina pay 40k for that shit he spit against miles & lux (cause thats how the nigga rap!) he cant even freestyle ho he gone murda hollow like he did cal? he cant! it’ll be a good battle but thats it.

  • ferb420

    Nothing personal just business. This would be a good holiday battle since it didn’t make the Summer Madness 3 card

  • siNcere

    Beasley is a genius

  • NY fitted

    Notice how they had Beasley speak on the issue with Lux. Very articulate and well spoken brother.

  • Dark Knight

    Ive said this many times before……smack and beasly needs to talk to Dana White the owner of UFC……Smack has wasted so many cards wit so many big names its runnin out of space to make money…..they could of had cards where only 2-4 big names on it and the rest proven ground….that right there is 50 cards in itself a year smh you do it like that…..then we are able to have Hollow vs LUX at SM3 wit the rest of hungry no namers…that we as fans can get to know and actually see the talent….its never too late!

    • realness

      lmao if you think dana white gives a fuck about this shit.

  • Cheef Keef Sweat

    Beasley is very well spoken! if it weren’t for him smack/url wouldn’t be wha it is today! salute Eric

  • Damnshame

    My solution to the problem was payperview. Couldn’t figure out why URL wouldn’t do it. But Beas just broke the whole thing down and now I see where there coming from. He’s absolutely right! How lux coming to the table with a biz proposal but not putting a single dollar in? He want URL to risk losing but he ain’t trying to lose nothing but infact trying to get overley payed! Smh.

  • DollarBill

    Wow!!! Yall Lux fans are mad lol. Beasley so easily bodied that nigga with economics and business management. Lux ur a battle rapper my nigga stay in ur lane. As u can see Beasley so easily made u look like a kid running up to his dad with new ideals how u can pick twigs off the ground to make a house and charge ppl 200,000 to buy one foh!! Lol leave business to the business Gurus or go hire ur azz one!!

  • TaTa_U

    This shit is 60% Murda Mook’s fault… Mook should not have publicly stated how much URL paid him to battle at SM2 and 40% of the blame falls on URL, because they NEVER should have allowed the pay rates to be raised that high if they knew they could not continue that pay scale.
    Beasley can articulate the URL position in his eloquent and intelligent SOUNDING manner all he wants, but at the end of the day; URL appears to be an extremely unprofessional business with incompetent and shady owners. Examples include,
    The Charlie Clips money shell game, Exposed by DNA for the Lies about battle MC’s running and not having a clear financial vision into the future and no plans for growth… a la the Loaded Lux debacle, it’s a Cluster Fuck; just a dame mess.
    URL is looking like a deer in head lights at this point.

  • WTF?

    Beasley be putting niggas in there place without even making it obvious…god damn.

  • Antony Hall

    I think it was a good call by Beasley, keep it real with these niggaz bro they think this is chicken money to push this movement keep it up bro.

  • sourkushpurp

    My nigga midget from new jersey drive

  • mrthatsmooth

    Mad disappointed about SM3. Math don’t know how to act, snuffing jones. Didn’t get to see the 2 battles i really wanted to see. Daylyt trying to kill smack… I guess you should have booked loaded vs hollow instead of those other 3 battles. Swave, Day, Jc and jon jon are all nice as fuck tho.

  • Rexchap

    BUllshit BEASLEY…..”no guarantee of return investment”…means SCARED MONEY don’t MAKE MONEY!!! And after last night…you BLEW your opportunity to make REAL MONEY…….YOU FUCKED IT ALL UP!!!! You can eloquently put it that way if you WANT…but the facts remain….you ARE ROOKIES at this and you don’t stay on schedule and you make niggas WAIT too long and niggas are aggravated! Learn how to do business! SMH!!!

  • Rexchap

    Are you listening to this bullshit? SMH! All i hear are excuses!!!!! Which means ONCE AGAIN…you DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!! SCARED MONEY DON’T MAKE MONEY!!!!

  • URLisTrash


  • Truth


    • TipOfTheIceberg

      You one dumb ass nigga.

  • TipOfTheIceberg
    look at the first 20 seconds of this video….all you dumb niggas.

  • Edwin Stagg

    anderson silva?


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