Beasley Speaks on 40 BARRS “F**K Smack” Diss TrackΒ – Beasley continued his exclusive VladTV interview with Battle Rap journalist Michael Hughes, where he addressed the creative “F*ck Smack” diss track recorded by 40 B.A.R.R.S. While Beasley didn’t have any personal problems with the diss, he felt as though she could’ve come out with a better title that “F*ck Smack.” He also spoke on the possibility of running a QOTR vs Smack/URL battle event, and what kind of production would have to go into setting up a united event of that caliber.


  • cmdβ˜†sjerz

    I cant stand the bitches battles. I hate bitches that move and act like niggas. They get too personal and catch feelings like math do, then they talk all over each others battles. I do wanna fuck that skinny dike tho the one that was arguing in the vlad interview

    • Mental_Liberator

      this sounds like straight up hate. these females come with more times than not, and have a hunger most top tier male rappers don’t even have any more, hence the Bars over Names movement. who cares if they act like niggas (dudes), many of the niggas acting like b*tches last time i record, so pointless the pot calling the kettle black. who cares what she look like or what she does, she is talented. give credit where credit is due, her battles has pulled more views than most dudes smh

      • God Aweful

        Talent over dumb shit

      • BuckShit

        the girls fuckin suck lol stop playin. no one wants to hear a weave horse hair bitch talk about poppin shit gtoh

        • Macmar415

          but you’d fuck that weave wearing bitch tho right? Exactly! So don’t hate, put some paint where it ain’t!

    • nine5for

      40 barz and one other chick idk her name tho are the only chicks ill smash

  • Gdn74LilLarry

    Post that Chicago kid Prince Eazy dissing Meek Mills

  • DRE

    FOH Smack!! Take some fucking responsibility and be more professional. Start the battles ON TIME, WITH FOOD, AND A SEPARATE DOOR FOR THE PERFORMERS!!! Leadership starts at the TOP.

  • Jei Sweet

    The girls suck? You must not have heard Jaz the Rapper vs QP Black Diamond…
    I think Jaz would put up a fight against someone like Con or B-Magic. But that’s just my opinion.

  • Macmar415

    I’m just tired or Beasley defending Smack and the URL by pawning shit off on other mc’s rather than speak on how they fuck up shit and how they intend on fixing their shit. Serious Jones intro was fucked up on SM2 &SM3, but we’d never know if serious jones didn’t tell us! Clips made a 8k deal with Beasley that he still hasn’t been paid yet but we’d never know if clips didn’t tell us. Battles that don’t drop because audio and/or video issues, lack of promotions for these guys in regards to SM3….the list goes on!
    Just for one time it would be nice to see Beasley recognize that shit and explain to us paying fans and mc’s why shit is always fucked up! I support the url, but they need just as much work as they require from us.


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