Behind The Battles: Jaz The Rapper (Part 1/5) | Rap Grid Exclusive


  • WTF?

    Jazz is the William Hung of battle rap and URL just keeps changing that battery every month.

    • Anonymous

      Fuck a battery they put a thunderbolt in her back

  • Razor

    Thanks Norbes for all five parts you fat fuckin piece of shit…. Jaz has ZERO personality no wonder she’s still a fuckin virgin… Fuck outta here… How about you promote weight loss

  • These new niggas!!

    Man I tell ya about these new niggas. Jaz is basic but you ugly ass niggas keep hyping this average hoe up like she a dime. Putting all these thoughts into her head because you ugly ass niggas cant get no good pussy. Yall should be ashamed. Got this girl plastered on this damn site looking like a female Lux.



  • Brooklyn nigga

    No offense but, this flat ass buck tooth, round face virgin bitch, cants see Ms Fit..


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  • ‏ DIZASTER بشير диз
    This man is my favorite actor right now hands down . FUCK!!!!!!
    RT @DanyellMiles_: @Tsu_Surf perfect storm with that tsu surf sample .... shit never get old !!! 🔥
  • The Last Don
    Yea ima cook something up real soon
    Any dope Producers in North Carolina? 🤔
  • The Last Don
    RT @HemiTimmy: My nigga hopefully it’s against hollow in Houston and I made a blog bout that nigga ducking you check it out bruh https://t.…
  • The Last Don
    I got you 💯
  • The Last Don
    Facts... if I decide to battle again this year