Bet UFF {Ultimate Freestyle Friday} Review

CjCity Discusses Bet’s UFF tournament and wants to know what are the fans thoughts?



  • King

    I appreciate the battle rap culture, but why does this dude feel the need to give his input on EVERY damn battle. He sounds really corny; however, he made some valid points about the battles on BET. Not trying to be a hater, but the executives aren’t going to keep this on the air for several reasons:

    1. Smack doesn’t even know how to articulate. He sounds really ignorant when he speaks and that makes him look bad.

    2. All these battle rappers curse after every other bar, so their words are edited and that takes out the excitement in watching. I actually wait until URL uploads it.

    3. You can’t come on a show saying “Fuck Bow Wow” (Tone Montana). He’s the reason why URL came to BET

    4. Freestyle Friday is way better than UFF because Freestyle Friday has a hyper crowd and 3 judges. The UFF winner gets the win based on the crowd reaction

    This dude CJ City is a cornball. If he’s not getting paid for these blogs, get rid of him

    • LeoLand

      So if he is getting paid its ok? what does money have to do with the cintent. You do understand you just dissed him and then said he made a good point right? lol Why can’t the nigga just be a blogger? ANYWAY.. I think they should have the top tier guys doing this… why did they pick these guys anyway? if Con or DNA or hollow was on this. MORE fans would tune in. I hate the edits as well tho. Dudes need to stop cussin so much yo. Salute To CjCity. he always making good points and good blogs. Where are the bar for bar breakdowns tho? You missed verb vs ars and Big T vs K shine!

      • King

        That wasn’t the point I was trying to make. If he’s not getting paid, why waste time on breaking every bar down in a battle? That’s a lot of time invested, but hey, it’s his life. Instead of URL posting his blogs, they need to post more battles.

        • You mad bro?

          You don’t have to watch his blogs know one made you watch this, if you don’t like Cj City click on another video…

        • You mad bro?


        • King

          Suck on a dick…. How about that?

    • @GreedyVegan

      whether he’s a cornball or not, he found a lane. smack hired him or he’s breaking down bars for the fans that missed complex bars, the ones that go over some peoples heads. he found a lane.

  • myian barnes

    He hit it right on the money. I know they are going for the authenticity, but, there were some moments that seem kinda embarrassing, the situations he mentioned being the worst. Smack isn’t too bad even though he is completely out of his element, Bow Wow does a good job supporting him with it. He should prolly step up a lil more even though he just seems like a cool ass dude who wants Smack to get his product out there. I enjoy seeing the platform on television and seeing all the battle emcees in the crowd. The room setting is dry though. They should have kept it 100 and took the cameras out on the streets, the shoe bodegas, the clubs and so forth to give it a grittier feel, the way it is set up now alienates both the hardcore fans and 106 and park crowd. Also, the point buddy made about cleaning up the lyrics a lil bit is completely valid. 106 and park is for the youth. What young lady between 13-17 or even what dude between those ages wants to see a bunch of grown ass men cursing up a storm on television. Danja Zone, Ill Will, and Sco all look like somebody’s uncle or even pops out there, and these cats are completley swag less. It may not seem relevant but its TV and these cats are not marketable. Surf, Young Ill, Bill Collector, JC, Conceited, KShine and DNA should have been here. Arsonal, Hollow and Hitman would have been good too. Some of those names don’t need a platform like this as much as others but they could have all benefitted. They tried to make UFF a step up from the proving grounds when it could have been an opportunity to showcase the stars URL has created.

  • Bert Strachan

    It’s cool that the culture made it this far all progress is good but I think I’ll will win the whole thing.i think dude got bars doe

  • barondebxl

    Exactly. You got it right on the money. Also the MCs need to be more generic, they need to stop saying ” when you battle such and such you said such and such…” because the folks watching bet dont know those niggaz. They need to spit generic bars that are dope.

  • FAMP

    Good review.. I hate Real Deal to. I would like to see YK again.

  • will

    For one thing they should change the name cause none of them are free styling. Should of put the smack battlers against the recent freestyle Friday champs on a beat and see who gets cooked.

  • Realness

    And everybody should thank Jon Jon da don cause he the one that brought Bow Wow to the battle and from there Bow Wow gave URL a chance to showcase on Bet. So Tone Montana since you already famous you can go back to you’re lil town cause the URL crowd doesn’t wanna see you no more ever again.

  • pimpin slimm

    I fuck wit ur views heavy n I think uff is gon be bigga than what it is just need to change dat boring crowd

  • Antony Hall

    its a good look and along with that smack still keeps it gutter the battle rappers he has on it are niiicceee

  • ms marjane

    I think UFF will need serious quality control. It looks like it’s in pilot phase, which it pretty much is – not quite ready for primetime. The emcees will definitely need to change up their approach, as far as complexity of metaphors, word-play and hard deliveries – the edited cursing won’t translate. Problem is, excluding those elements waters down the battle itself. I can easily see how a primetime edition of UFF would ultimately become hit and miss, as some emcees will translate better than others, and most battles will be pretty mundane to anyone that follows URL.

    As a URL fan, I’m not really scrambling to see UFF on BET. I’d rather watch a real battle. I kinda think they should change up formats, and run the battles on street corners, roof tops, and basketball courts, with crowds that will really feel the vibe and react. In a real backwards way, I doubt BETs given them the budget to do that – filming on location, with camera crew and security included. Obviously URL shines in this respect, but so far, the UFF studio environment feels wrong. I feel like I’m watching Bravo’s Inside the Actor’s Studio.. like they’ll have the battle, and have a little quiet interview with the emcees after it’s all over. I dunno.. the crowd in the last few battles come off like zombies.

    Some people complain about Smack, but I he seems alright to me. I’m surprised he toned his presence down, because in URL battles he’s obviously running the show. I feel like he should clearly command the center of the show in a way. Frankly, I think he’s taking a big risk – the network could easily bid out his emcees, take his ideas for a show without him, capitalize off the street cred and run with it.. if UFF is still around in two seasons, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a lot of tension between the show and the network.

    What’s funny, is if this were KOTD, it would fit in with the watered down network vibe just fine. All those cats still rap like they got 8-mile on repeat anyway.. the punches are corny enough for a mass audience, and I bet that’s the energy BET execs (wrongly) are trying to evoke.. anyway. good luck.


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