• John Hunter

    That Whoppsie Shit is Gay! 
    What niggaz go around sayin Whoopsie??

  • Bigbiglittle23

    m ciddy won three nothing

  • Bigbiglittle23

    m ciddy won three nothing

  • K9 aka 40BoY


  • James

    OMG. I had to pause at 16:13 smh.. Kannon doin that boy bad. Real bad smh

    • Jay

      Cortez did good but I give it to Big Kannon 2-1

      • InTheClouds856

        No comment smh

        • kasai smith


        • RogerBliddack

          “no comment” – ROTFLMAO!! Hilarious!!

      • Cody

        2-1 -__-

  • clash

    good solid battle. Kannon was a beast

  • Ace Boon Coon

    I swear if you ever moved a crumb you felt cortez round… however big kannon was more entertaining. he filled the stat sheet. delivery, presents, content, bars, aggression, and humor. the crowd was bias though or maybe they aint get cortez bars because it wasn’t a lot of niggas that trap in the building. but even the light control was bias lol. niggas flashing lights during big kannon’s rounds lol that shit was ridiculous. but at the end of the day it was one round so I judge one rounders like boxing 10-9 big kannon

    • Logic

      Classic. No winner, no loser. It’s sad that Smack rappers are making more classics at other leagues than on URL though.

      That’s where the downfall starts. When people are getting better quality battles elsewhere with your previously lucrative and marketable clientele.

    • Andre Harris

      Nigga they in Chicago, what you mean there isn’t a lot of people that trap in the building. No losers in this battle Cortez and Big Kannon put on a show. One of the best battles this year. If this would have been 3 rounds with two more rounds from both like that 1st round it could have possibly been battle of the year.

      • Ace Boon Coon

        just because niggas in Chicago that don’t mean a lot of niggas that trap was in the building… just like people think summer madness is a ny crowd when that is never the case. besides Chicago big as hell its a lot of good places and people in Chicago. why do you think Chicago doesn’t have a top 10 “murder rate”. they have a lot of murders because its a crowded city. the population high. this is all fact. google the top murder rates and you wont see Chicago in the top 10 no matter how hard you look

        • Andre Harris

          It’s a battle rap event what type of crowd do you expect to be at this event? Not saying the people who intended are not good people but they not squares.

  • Canin

    That was nice. Too debateable 4 me. Tie!

  • whatup

    It was good…I say tie …I have to watch again… People talk shit about Cortez but at least he puts a effort when he battles.

  • Streets Buchanon

    Cortez did his thing but this was defintely a body for Big Kannon

  • Gee

    Everytime I say damn a battle need to drop I come home and see shit up..keep this pace up
    2 good battles a week keep a nigga happy

    Bout to roll dat good shit and watch this..Cortez get busy and kannon do his thing,but niggaz on hate on Cortez regardless no matter what he say

    • Zedric Young

      3 good battles ….my nigga

    • FAMP

      I Know.. I hate that shit.. Cort bout barz..

  • Florida Boy

    Cortez sure does say nigga a lot….he had some cold shit tho…Kannon is a fuckin monster

  • Spike

    Good Battle by both….

  • North

    Learn a lesson from this Smack, their video and audio is nice and clear. More than URL has ever had in 3+ events

    • Strongchef

      This audio came in and out, it was horrible. Smack audio is multiple times better than this. Be fair when you try and discredit ppl

      • Edwin Stagg

        beasley is that you

  • Truth

    Kannon sounds like Mickey Mouse.

  • rexchap

    They BOTH won! NO Loser!!!

  • Emelio Ranger

    They both lost.i was expecting better from the both of them.If you listen closely big kannon had a basic rhythm of flowing while cortez was flowing with bars with no heavy substance .i give it cortez because I barely got through big kannon round but they need to be more consistent

  • InTheClouds856

    Damn Kannon went the f**k in. O-Red made a man outta this nigga.

  • TipOfTheIceberg

    Cortez has been impressive non stop every since the Verb loss. You may say he hasn’t lost a battle since Verb. But this was the best Kannon has ever been. Edge it Kannon in a damn good battle.

  • Cozzo36

    Big kannon aint noway near top tier level. He needs way more practice because if u cant destroy someone like cortez then u dont have a hope in hell in the url. Cortez is trash but big kannon needs to stay in his lane as he no where near as nice as cortez. Kannon needs at least fifteen more battles before he can step to someone like charlie clips

  • Russell

    Who sayin Big K dint bodied dude? Stop lyin nigga, Corts bars were off and Big K made him pay big timee

  • ms marjane

    bk couldn’t compare to cortez bar for bar.. he had the crowd, but core had a all kinds a merks in his bar game.. for gun bars, creative

    • InTheClouds856

      I’m just gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and say you stopped watching this battle after Cortez round…

      • ms marjane

        i watched both rounds, three times each.

  • FAMP

    Good Battle.. Debatable.. Crazy how much more the battlers are giving us with these 1 Here’s the thing, the niggas who spit last in a debatable battle usually wins in these 1 rounders.. Think about it .. MICKEY, JC, & CORT all went first (and went in) and people say they lost.. but i think otherwise… Great Recap material.. “food for thought”

    • ms marjane

      the one rounders are hard.. def true about the person going last. tho id say mickey and jc really *did* lose.. a least, mickey didn’t edge out danj, the way he would have needed to for his first round to stand out. jc’s performance didn’t really stand-out compared to his previous performances, and i just didn’t see him edging out clipse in bars.. i like one rounders tho, the format puts the right pressure on.

  • Ty Jones

    Good battle … But how do give it to BK 2-1 when it was only a 1 rd battle? Smh

  • Gee

    Cortez died but I fucks wit him .

  • flipper773

    You rep murder ave but ur in murder capital wow Kannon kilt dat nigga lol

  • dboy31

    Cortez wack ass fuck straight up don’t wanna see him no more

  • Hella

    Bk the best in the chi look out big t

  • Logic

    Haha, Kannon does indeed sound like Mickey Mouse!

  • Brock

    Plain and simple…..This was a BATTLE!! Instant classic. This is a one rounder that made up for any 2 missing rounds. Cor been on a rampage since getting Stoned by Rock….He’s getting if not already on that Flawless level BUUUT Big Kannon, Sheeesh Top 3 most underrated Battler period!! It make no sense why he’s not given bigger platforms to give us what we the fans want, BARZ!! I just enjoyed this whole battle. Overdose of quotable barz on deck, but let’s be clear (Obama voice) Kannon took this Clearly no debating, Cor Died with Valor though!! My Top 5, 2013 Battle…..Good show BIC/GW

  • Jeremy Marable

    Cortez didn’t do bad; BK got that one though. The Essay line was nice but heard it before, Young Gattas vs Looney Divine

  • Rome

    Great fucking battle.

  • Hubert DeRavin

    Cortez isn’t a name buzzer any more if he had crowd support you would score this match differently.the crowd wasn’t feeling him. Kannon went in but one rd isn’t enough for me. Who ever goes first has a high chance of catching a loss. A bad look for Cortez I wanna see him go more rounds. This dude had some classic battles. Kannon needs a bigger opponent. I would like to see him against Clips or O red. Shit he was talking shit about Math Hoffa. Math hoffa love killing fat dudes that would be a good come back match for Hoffa

  • Josh Jones

    my new name ornesto! on errythang!

  • Josh Jones


    • HAM Newton

      It’s Ernesto… Just for clarifications sake

  • HAM Newton

    Niggas hate on Cortez heavy. What he do to ya’ll? Lol… Kannon was decent. But I look at it this way: BK had the Home-Court advantage (crowd, lights, fans) AND he went last. I mean, all the chips r stacked in your favor & it’s STILL debatable? That sounds like a loss to me… Vote: Cortez


    dope battle,but Kannon went in,it’s time for Big T and Big KANNON TO GET IT IN

  • SemInitial

    Watching this a third time I have to say that Cortez schemes, bars and word play was alot more advance than Big Kannon…But Big Kannon was clearly just captivating. I can’t say there is a clear winner, especially with just this one round.

  • goonondeck74

    big kannon killed that nigga cortez is officially dead



  • FlintBoy_810

    BIG K won….This nigga said ” I could of got his neck broke from the D (Detroit) Niggas I connect with but I didn’t need X (X-Factor) Assist (Exorcist) too make his neck twist”……………Fucking crazy

  • Almatomz

    Few things….
    1. This battle exceeds JC vs Clips in so many ways… only “fanboys” would disagree

    2. BIG K **BODIED Cortez** by a large margin… Once again.. only “fanboys & investors” would give cortez any credit by saying this was a tie.. just to make people think twice & to keep Cortez alive

    3. There has never been a cortez moment…ever.. thats made me think he’s a top tier mc. To give him credit… he’s got bars & schemes to hold his own… but he’s never had plenty or even much of a “WOW” moment to the degree of other top mc’s.. How many battles has he done that you would say.. he said things or performed in a way that you will always remember???? Every cortez performance is boring.. Clearly he just a “bring in” MC

  • QP

    it was a great battle but i think cortez won that. cannon was going in too but cortez had some good hits


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