Big Sean Feat. Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica – Control [KENDRICK THE NEW KING]

Sean, Jay & KendricK release a gem that didn’t make to Big Seans Hall Of Fame album dropping soon. Drop your thoughts and comments and let us know what’s up!!





  • DR

    K.DOT killed this shit twice.

  • myian barnes

    Never heard Jay Elec get killed on a track. Kdot did that, 2013 spawn of Em and 3 Stacks….

  • sky easton

    big sean real

  • Bigpheze1375

    Everytime I hear this shit it bangz harder and harder, this shit is fire! Kendrick keep talking that shit bwoy! Real hip hop heads love this! Fuck niggaz go listen to that whack shit that’s all beats and no BARZ. Queens bitch!


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