Bmagic Feat Dutch Jackson “INTERNET THUGGIN” @dabest_bmagic @dutchjackson1

Bmagic Feat Dutch Jackson  INTERNET THUGGIN   dabest_bmagic  dutchjackson1   YouTube

B Magic featuring Dutch Jackson, “Internet Thuggin”

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  • Rastaman

    serius looks cool with the red shade and jumper.

  • Rexchap

    Jones………STOP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Don’t act like people don’t know Cortez!!!!  You ain’t on THAT level!!!!  TFOH!!!!!   This dude is a str8 up ASS!!!!  You are happier than a pig in SHIT that you have become somewhat relevant AGAIN!!!!!   You didn’t SMACK UP ANYBODY!!!!  You are just like any other nigga….it was a CHECK and you needed it just like everybody else!!!!

    • Cant Wait For Dose!

      All your point was right but to say Jones is not on that level is wayyyyy off!!!!

      • Rexchap

         Then he woulda NEVER came back to battle…simply put!!!! THAT LEVEL means, ain’t coming back for chump change!!!!

        • Logic

          I don’t know Rex, 10-15 is most certainly NOT chump change. Not for 30-40 minutes of your time.

  • Rexchap

    On the one hand you talking bout Cortez working at the airport as if doing THAT is beneath you at the current time…..then you downplay YOUR barbershop job……TFOH!!!!!   See, niggas be feeling themselves and act like people don’t listen and dont retain WTF you just said.  Niggas talk WAAAAAAAAAAY too much shit!!!! 

    You said ‘they don’t really care about exposing niggas”….YES THEY DO, you was WACK in the 2nd rd and you CHOKED, but of course you explain that away and blame the crowd!!!!

    JONES….JONES…… JONES……………   STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • nikolai

       wat up cortez

      • Rexchap

         You got it wrong!!!  Just cuz somebody calls Jones out on this bullshit, they gotta be Cortez??   You obviously don’t know my steeze!!!!!

        • <y-dey-madatanigga

          usually Rexchappp only steeze = make weak points +

          EMPHASIS…… EMPHASIS…… EMPHASIS!!!(!!!)

    • Your Mom

      jones stumbled in the 2nd round and still won … he could stumble and beat tez , okwerds , mook , or rex…. get off jones’s sack and i wanna see jon jon vs serius

  • Gearsofwar421

    Dose is a scrub lol still lives at home with mom and works at KFC true story he does not have a car and has to ride a 10 speed to work facts #loser

  • Gearsofwar421

    Dose sucks


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