Bonnie Godiva on Gattas: “I Can Out-Bar Her, Easy” – Bonnie Godiva came back to our VladTV headquarters for a second interview with Battle Rap journalist, Michael Hughes. Bonnie spoke on her recent experience taking her battle skills out to the West Coast to face off against Germ Free and Looney Divine, both of which she walked away with 3-0 victories.

She’s carrying the QOTR brand to new levels as she is preparing to be featured in the first female battle for KOTD’s upcoming World Domination 4 event vs Young Gattas. Gattas is a very formidable foe for Bonnie, and Bonnie acknowledged her opponent’s skills, however she isn’t at all fearful of being out barred by Gattas. Bonnie actually thinks that she can “out-bar her, easy” but at the same time she knows that she has to stay focused on crowd control and not let Gattas’ performance get the best of her inside of the venue.

It’s going to be a very interesting battle that could go either way depending on how much preparation both ladies put into their material.

The KOTD World Domination 4 event is taking place this Friday and Saturday, August 23rd and 24th, out in Canada.

Who do you think will win? Bonnie? Or Gattas?


  • ANON1312

    Gattas gon fuck her up real shit Gattas is the best female Ive ever seen battle!

    • DRE


    • FAMP

      40.. cut it out.. Gattas joke to much..


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