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  • Nxaxmxe

    you still havent put out young ill vs con…why are u still holding that battle

    • BROCK

      Heard Dre purchased the rights to that battle and was also shown at a special viewing at a URL event….Must’ve been that mean. Nothing tops JC vs CHILLA  though so I really need to see Con vs ILL!!

    • Chillazzboi

      yea they trippin…still waiting on JonJon vs QP



    Time to bring URL to D.C. Smack!!! Neutral ground NATIONS CAPITAL, D.C. convention center…..get with us!!!

    • Cant Wait For Dose!

      GREAT POINT B!!!!!!!


    Side note…..True greatness is always discovered through adversity, we’re bout to find out if URL is true to us fans and the battle culture or will this setback put URL in the grind time category. 

  • Sevensnl

    when yaw  gone  drop that  jc  vs  young ill

  • Badjoniang

    Drop that yung ill vs jc for da ppl dat stood on line in da rain for 3 hrs like myself

    • PeWeezy

      I kno right

  • Lilcat1023

    wen surf vs con coming out?

  • DontHate

    Dont hate on Smack and Beasley. They tried their best, man. Love from the UK for these two. PS: Let’s make the next battle Rex and Diz. That’s the main one I was looking forward to. 

  • Adfg

    Drop Con Tsurf battle before you stop beggin for please

  • nikolai

    he said they cautgh 2 dope battles wich they gonna drop very “soon” the problem is we heard that all the time from ya,ya better make up for those in line on the the rain,u better drop those now,or i dont see ya doing numbers at any other event

    • pastorcomics

      ha ha not likely bro… kats understand and love these battles…they will come out even after this mess

  • Ratedace2002

    I was upset cause I really was hype about this card but now I understand its cool Smack & Beasley keep yall head up

  • Divine

    Drop some of them battles you have hidden away for us wanted armageddon battles 

  • yo

    Beasley believes that the slower you talk the smarter you sound….but that beat in the background is dope.

  • 4 the Love of Battle Rap

    URL, should look into building its own venue………A home for battle rap, a place where battle rappers can hang up their flags when their through…. It should not be too hard to get the financial backing needed….

    • pastorcomics

      thats tight man…

    • Freeze

      I agree. URL should have their own venue for all their events and more. They could use their venue for the MCs to do shows as well, so they can promote their music. Have club nights were celebs and locals come out to perform. Even have something like a basketball court inside so the community has an after school program. The government and white people love that kind of shit and he could build a good reputation and sponsors. 

      Once this becomes successful, URL will launch from an online followed company, to a premier entertainment corporation. People donated for all the Summer Madness 1 battles. This should get even more.

  • Ajbunch45

    YO…..come on smack are U kidding Me??!!on by birthday (armageddeon) had ticket purchased in advance and the whole nine..when cancelled.i was suspecting “hope smack not moving funny
    but then he and Beassley explained the siyuation very well!…so im like alright cool…but in respect of that FUCKED UP circumstance, a Gloomy day today (sunday), and the tension in America because of Conneticut incident happening….u mean to tell me HE CANT USE HIS COMMON SENSE AND DROP SOMETHING TODAY?????? for alleviation of negativity…
    SMH on that fake preserving battles for relevance shit….and i aint even talkin about the few battles that happened…i mean ANYTHING FROM REVELATIONS..ANYTHING!!  WHT DA FUCK MAN!

  • detown c

    what is taking so long to drop them battles its only two to many recaps just put the shit out

  • Jamalwilliams

    beasley can talk his ass off

  • Tamon Williams

    those the only two battles i wanted to see anyway….the rest were more hype than substance…math vs dose?? really? lol…..keep droppin those classics smack

  • Blackonbothside

    Respect to both yall for clearing things ups. I believe you did your best.
    But yeah sametimes we just can do anything i dont blame ya this shit happens

    But can you drop same battles now:D

  • Drembg69

    Those two Battles should go up ASAP atleast do dat SMAcK

  • Dholla623

    Do it in the Garden

  • stopthebs

    If your trying to keep the culture alive then drop some actual battles.

  • jeff

    Smack needs to sue the prior venue for breach of contract and should receive expectation damages for that breach. If smack had a valid contract and the other party did not perform then smack is entitled to damages. Smack needs to find out the amount of profit that they would have made had the venue performed their end of the contract and sue the venue for that amount of money. They have a strong case because they were informed a day prior to the actual event so they were not be able to find another venue.- Legal advice from a 1L (take it with a grain of salt)

  • Whalley

    So is it racism?

  • CapTnSlaveAhO3

    Damn. This situation really had Smack upset. His SSSMMAACKKK was’nt as enthusiastic as usual. 

  • Tunesbyp

    Beasley mad professinal tellin us bllshit smack jus let that nigga talk

  • Christopher Mathews

    SMMMMMMACK!!! You the face of the culture and Beasley is the spoke person. We appreciate you two taking the time to drop this vid, very professional. 

  • Markmusic88

    get ur own spot smack

  • MoneyBamn

    No apologies needed. Just drop Tsunami Surf vs Conceited…. We been itchin’ for that one. 

  • Ed Varfley

    ownership is key


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