BROOKLYN MIC CLUB: Teff vs Jonnie Danger



  • Bobby Napolitano

    Win to Jonnie Danger

    These two seem like “green” rookies.

    Jonnie’s personality and presence were better than Teff.
    I do not like when rappers just shout all their lines, trying to win by aggression instead of skill and that is what Teff did.

    Jonnie’s bars were more complex and it seems like he has more potential to bloom as a battle rapper than Teff.

    Teff had the advantage of his homie doing ad-libs in the back; plus his height.

    • ShawnFoxx5

      All Of THaT ThOugh… Sheesh!! Lol I Wonder wat u would write under the Concieted vs Hitman Holla Battle lmao

  • mahdi777

    dude Teff was nice. bars, delivery, stage presence. i see a PGs battle for him in the future. he would blend right in w/those URL cats and may even chew a few

  • Art

    Jonnie danger kill the other bull teff. The bull teff trash he won’t make it. I’ll take that battle any day

  • Mentu



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    What happened ?
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    WTF Was He Thinking. Shit Crazy