Cam’ron Feat. Loaded Lux, Ms. Hustle & Chris Miles – Let Me Work

King Jaffe Joe releases new fire featuring battle rap heavy weights Ms. Hustle, Loaded Lux and the young spitter Chris miles. Catch the full tape dropping in October.


  • Unspoken Truth

    Hustle nice on da beat

  • hackgost

    K I L L A !!!!!!!

  • C ☆ M ☆ D

    Lux is the best rapper out now except for prodigy,,,,, that was was the best mixtape in 2013, really best ive heard in years

    • MARS

      what “p” mixtape you talking bout?

    • ★Treis Gaara★

      lmfao first you said Lux who’s fucking wack is the best then you say besides prodigy an igga no one has in their top 20 you on crack my nigga lol XD



  • ohgod

    Trash. beat sounds like a rock or heavy metal beat.

  • Fipps

    this shit dope

  • Stems

    BEST TRACK IN YEARS > #Kendrick who????

  • Julian M Williams

    Shit was hard till the boy rapped at the end. Least it was the last verse so I could cut it off. But my nigga Killa stay murkin shit


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  • ShoeBoxMoney
    The studio is real tonight/morning
  • Mook.
    My guy @itsbizkit might have to do a full show
  • Mook.
    That’s what I’m saying
  • Mook.
    I got money schemes that come to me in my dreams .... @ Ceaser's Palace
  • HEAD I.C.E
    MassBlack / BlackMass @kingofthedot @nems_fyl . I’m So Calm And Focused 🤘🏾‼️
  • Voice of battle rap
  • CAVEGANG🦇🧛🏿‍♂️
    We turn Maryland into Jamaica 🇯🇲 every 420 #CaveForever🦇
  • #BallGame✌
    Let her ride yo face from the back hours