CashFlow feat Loaded Lux Nothing u Can Tell Me


  • Caught Choosen

    This is that Zulu fire right here-
    Sleep on this shit if you want to.

  • KID

    Shit was nice, 2nd verse they did there thing, Lux wordplay be cray cray

  • Raymond

    Cool. Real cool.

  • clash


  • Whatyofeetsmelllike

    Lux Mixtape had a fire verse on every track. I can say he’s the best alive,but his hooks he need to fix that fast. If he blows up he’s not taking any shots like Kendrick on control he going for heads saying so ish.

    • d33x

      Dumb hoe, get a job.

      • H’D

        hahahaha. that was mean d33x lml

  • Ese

    now we talking, harlem stand up!

  • Cooly Bop

    Dope ..I likes


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