CASHFLOW VS CONYA RAW [streetsstatus]


  • Dominnick Mitchell

    conya gotta nice flow and speak real shit but no energy, cashflow got muhfuckin ENERGY lol he got schemes, peformances. I got 2-1 cashflow.

  • famp

    Big up to Cashflow he did good & had more bars.. But Conya.. just way much realer and has a better flow.. I think the playing got cash flow beat.. Great battel Conya 2-1..

  • arkad

    conya been talking shit for the longest on the facebook group so he better win

  • arkad

    battle was not all that to be honest, conya you were saying you could beat loaded lux, please dont let those words come out your mouth again.

  • Mone

    Cashflow killed that nigga.

  • God Awful

    Conya kilt this nigga

  • Owe Streetstatusboss Weston

    thanks for checking out this battle


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