Cassidy – Control (Freestyle) [Kendrick Lamar Response]

Cassidy – Control (Freestyle) [Kendrick Lamar Response] (6min Freestyle)



  • Ju


  • Free


  • Dano

    Smh went off I knw yu see dhos adam

  • Dat Nicca

    Tough work right there! Cassidy is dumb nice when he focused. Smack cough up the bread and pay the man. Make the shyt pay-per-view and I’m sure you’ll make dough out of it even with paying Cassidy his bread.

  • Florida Boy

    Ok Cass u talked alot of big boy rap shit and how u love the
    competition, well if thats the case jump in the ring with some of the
    URL battlers who been calling u out for bout a year now. All the fans
    wanna see it and Smack will pay u 25k like he did Mook (hell he may pay u
    50k)…….thats alot of change just for 9 minutes of rapping….put yo legacy to the test nigga

    • Dat Nicca

      Cassidy ain’t getting in the ring for Mook money and he shouldn’t. Nicca is you crazy? Dude has gone gold and platinum, not to mention top of the rap charts. You don’t throw that away for Mook money. The conversation prolly starts at $50K and may push $100K. If Cassidy does it for anything less than $65K, I think that’s a bargain assuming URL is able to make the pay-per-view thing happen. That’s how they’ll make their money back. Cassidy will bring people that have never heard of URL to a URL event to just watch him do his thing.

      Plus, with the UFF shyt, I’m sure Smack can get away with pubbing such an event on BET, which will bring in all the youngins.

      • Florida Boy

        idk how much $ he can squeeze out of Smack but i wanna see him in the ring cause he always talking bout he will chew people up in the ring….i just wanna see it

    • ChiseEagle

      Florida, what you need to realize is that Cassidy and Drag-On as well as other Ruff Ryder artists come from Battle rap backgrounds, Cass and Drag used to battle rap in Harlem before the Smack craze, so battling for them is not a reach….listen to Cassidy’s early mixtape verses, he was the truth at 17 years old. Matter of fact, just listen to his battle with Freeway or his freestyle on the Angie Martinez show…. NYC

      • Florida Boy

        oh i heard tha Freeway battle he destroyed him but have u heard Cass on the “How Many MCs” or the “Picaso” freestyle? i swear its the most predictable shit ever but he swear its cold….but i do believe he can turn it back on in battle mode tho

  • john clark 5533

    I wanna see you battle eminem , or conceited on

  • kg

    killed it

  • DR

    Joell B+
    Cassidy B-

  • Mr. SayItAgain!

    Check this out yall good battle real talk

  • CoolWhipWinston

    Mean !

  • famp

    Best response track EVER.. all BARZ no hooks..Fire!!!

    • Witeboipr


  • sampirlo

    Cass response is now nummber 1 waiting till Drake, Meek or J. cole response. Seeh Cassidy destroy the instrumental WORD..

  • K-Love

    Killed it!!!

  • K-Love

    Niggas aint fuckin wit Cassidy!!!

  • ms marjane

    This is so average. Even for cassidy’s bars – he could have spit this a decade ago, and it *still* would have been average compared to what he’s capable of. Dudes skills have rusted, none of these bars really hit.

  • MichaelStreet

    Trash… like all east coast people…insignificant never has been looking for attention… retire already

  • Witeboipr

    Crazy my nigga is still da man


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