Cassidy Feat. Reed Dollars, Gillie the Kid, E ness, Cyssero, Young Chris & more – Philly Anthem

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Cassidy rounds up the whole of Philly for the towns anthem featuring Philly’s finest spitters, all but minus one Boss!


  • TRUF


    • Anonymous

      ya dudes is funny i bet if it was 8 or 9 dudes on dis beat you mf would be dancning to dis smfh cassidy i see what u doing bro dudes need to get there mind right im feeling dis queens stand up

    • draz

      this is gutta!!

  • illgotten

    ayo very disappointed in you cassidy u makin niggaz look wack foreal…philly anthem-dawg i got nothing but love for philly but ive heard niggaz way better than that shit..that shit sounds like you all recorded that shit in the garage and wasnt being serious at all you all just put yall throwaways on a beat without puttin any serous in it….its a fucking philly anthem you all posed to go hard ..that 100 guns and 100 clips by jarule was by far the harder than that…you all making philly look garbage foreal..regroup in the lab and do that song over!!!

  • day10f1

    this nut ass nigga gonna come out with this nut ass beat

  • No

    I hate it when nice rappers do songs on “autopilot” over amateur beats..

  • Rogunit

    U guys got a lot to improve on this is bad man not a bar in the whole song disappointed philly

  • KevinCalvin

    I phuck with gillie and philly but this shit was wack I have seen half of them niggas go harder than that with no beat!! That’s why the south taking over!! wack ass anthem, y’all need a different sound nigga trunrt that shit off

  • @velli87

    I don’t understand. The bars are tight, but the beat is average. This always happens.. If you got all star on a beat then get em on a all star beat

  • TEvinCambell

    yall exaggerating…it aint trash, i think its a good track, but mabye not enough for an philly anthem. cassidy do need help with the beat selection tho. i dont think he could not get a better beat. all in all i expected more from” mr bars”…he kinda losing it

  • Jaeyy

    rappers check youtube,com/jaeyyRbeats

  • reek da villian

    Yo da girl and ness was trash they need to get took off

  • Anonymous

    Everybody talkin about the bet who gives a fuck!!!!!……..if you have bars the beat doesn’t matter I bet if lil Wayne used this beat and same bars nobody will have shit to say. Smh y’all dick riders. Cass bringin the city together

    • illgotten

      i hate when someone gives an honest opinion about some shit and the other mofo dont agree wit the shit then they dickriders…nigga ifuck lil wayne gay ass if the shit sounds wack then its wack word….i know wat these niggaz can do in the booth and to have the audacity to put that shit out like its hot is very disappointing knowing wat they can do on a beat…the beat dont matter its bars or saying some shit thatll have your face squinch up and shit…it wasnt none of that it was ass…str8 up ass nigga!!!

  • ef_allday

    Ehhh they needed the “hell up in philly” beat to make it an official philly anthem.

  • Anonymous

    I’m fuckin with it Getn the whole city 2getha 2 go in keep it up cass

  • DollarBill

    Do u niggaz listen to music or just skim thru it! It’s not their best by no means. However I see where cass going. To have all these niggaz on one track after all their history of beef is what’s up!! Salute cass! But ya gotta come harder! Fuk a beat we from up top (north) leave that hot beat n azz bars to the south!!

  • jay

    Hot beats @


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