Catch-A-Body Mag | Interview w/ Patricia “PattieCakes” Johnson, Owner of UDG Sounds (Battle Rapper’s Music website)



1 – Tell us where you’re from Pattie and how you got into Hip Hop & Battle Rap… I’m from St. Louis, MO. Back in 2009 or 2010, I had watched a few Aye Verb battles, but I wasn’t really big on “Underground” anything, then. So I was ONLY an Aye Verb fan. I was arguing one day, as usual, on one of his FB stats with one of his “AYE VERB IS GOD” fans, and P Merchant, admin of Battle Rap Debate Team, asked me if I like battle rap and if he can add me to his group. I was like well, I guess it doesn’t hurt. And then it all began. I was added to Unbias Review group next, were I was a BIG PARTICIPANT, #750 group (Dame and Mickey Factz, admins) and I’m in like 40+ battle rap groups now. But what actually pulled me into battle rap and got me addicted was “MOOK WANT 25K TO KILL A NIGGA, THAT’S ILL, FOR 25K, I’LL KILL A NIGGA FOR REAL” T REX. Harlem stand up!!!! Rex became my number 1 battler off this battle alone. He damn near body G Souldier. Rex was KING that night and I will never forget that moment. Now, Verb, who is my number 2 battler is really my number 1 battler, technically, off bars alone.

2 – Since you’re from St Louis, I guess you’re familiar with Nelly & Chingy… has St Louis music changed since then? Well the music scene has actually gotten worse when it comes to lack of supporters. There are so many talented artists in the Lou (St. Louis) that go unrecognized. One reason is there is no unity here when it comes to the music scene. Nelly and the Saint Lunatics, Chingy, J- Kwon, Fresco Kane all had to go outside of the Lou to get record deals, but those same artists do not come back and “pay homage.” So it’s kind of like people are like “crabs in the barrel”……stuck and every man for himself. But then again, I can’t blame those artists for not giving back cause it’s rough in the Lou. When any successful person is trying to make it… a lot of people start hating on them cause they are getting recognized and others aren’t. So the signed artists may have a legitimate reason to act the way they do

3 – Do you see some potential in the young rappers of St Louis? Yes, there is great potential in artists, thru-out the Lou, but again, no unity. You have artists like Nuk Official, Fedarro, Pretty MF Tony and a few others who aren’t signed, but connected to mainstream, who are doing their thing. Aye Verb should have been signed. Dutch Jackson, B “MOTHER FUCKING” Magic, Yung Ill, T-Dubb-O, Saynt Louie, Real Will, Venum (Mixtape Diezal) Hoodrich STL, Tef Poe, Pretty Boy Orlando, Bradd Young, RCB MC, Richie Stacks, Red Carlione, who are all official. There are more……….

4 – You’re also a big follower of battle rap… Verb, Hitman, Yung Ill & B Magic, they’re all from your city… do you know them and which one are you a fan of? Yes, I love battle rap, but I been slacking a little since I started my music group, (Ultimate Battle Rap Music) last November. And now a website for their music. ( I’m a big Aye Verb fan and yes I know him. I love him, but sometimes I hate him too because of his stats and tweets. But those tweets and stats be on point a lot… just crazy. LOL, he cool though. Aye Verb is one of the most intelligent guys in battle rap, period. And I know Magic, who is one of the coolest dudes you will ever meet. He is charming too. Yung Ill is cool and mad talented, but he let his talent go to waste. I don’t know him really well, but I’ve had a few nice conversations with him. He really excels in music and that’s actually his passion and where he wants to be. I’ve recently started having mad respect for Holla bars, when I use to think of him as having mediocre bars with A+ performance. After the Con and Clips battle, NO BODY can ever call Holla all performance again. He is now on my top 10 list and deserves to be however Hollywood he wants to be, lol. I been to many of Holla battles, but I never formally met him. Remy D is another STL battle rapper who doesn’t get the recognition he deserves, although he has beat most of our top tier battlers in the Lou, Hitman Holla, Yung Ill and Magic. He just isn’t as popular as the rest and I think it’s due to whatever happened the night he battled X-Factor at the URL event. He is a great person too that deserves the same light as the other STL battlers cause he helped build this Midwest Movement too. I’m a big fan of T-Dubb-O too who is a very lyrical battler, but he been concentrating on his music more which is nice. My top 10 lists includes, Rex, Aye Verb, Clips, Remy D, Daylyt, JC, B Magic, Surf, Ill Will, and Holla. But I will be rearranging my top 10 list soon. M Ciddy will get added to my new top 10 list. It rarely changes………..

5 – Do you go to St Louis battle rap events? Like Street Status events… When Street Status was having regular events, I was at each and every one of them. Street Status shouldn’t be in a decline mode… but they are working on reinventing the company. It will be back lovely again. I used to love going to his events. Chedda House is up and coming and I went to one of his events last year to support QP Sons and Remy D. Chedda is the next one up. He has a big card coming up in July, which has Daylyt, QP Qleen, Charlie Clips, etc, and a few other great battlers on the card. Whenever Word War (Aye Verb’s league) throws an event, I’m there.

6 – Who won between Ayeverb & Hitman Holla and why? Is that a real question? HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, you know the award goes to Aye Verb, no debating. Verb made history. He started a new thing in battle rap called “THE REAL TALK 3RD ROUND.” Then Lux had one with Calicoe, and almost every battler includes one now in their battle. I don’t think fans can live without it now. But that battle is a true classic though, one of the BEST back and forth grudge match battles in battle rap history. We need more of those.

7 – Overall, which battle rap leagues do you watch and like? Well, my preference use to be URL only and 2nd, Street Status, but that changed the last few years, after I started becoming more open to smaller leagues. I’m a fan of a lot of the league battlers, before a fan of the league itself. And most of these leagues do use URL battlers, although a lot of these battlers are from other leagues, formerly. I’m a big fan of URL, Gorilla Warfare, Black Ice Cartel, SDH, AHAT, KOTD, Trap House, WBL, Chedda House, Hundred Grand, Quiet Room, RBE, UBL leagues and I’m probably missing a few. I do watch selected QOTR female battles.

8 – Give us some of your favorite new battle rappers… Some of my favorite new battle rappers that are actually just new in popularity, but been rapping for years are Ill Will, Danny Myers, Ty Law, Mr Mills, HA, Anubis, Cutie Pie Jay Rell, Logic, Cali Smoov, G4, Dre Vishis, Official, Conya Raw, 4KUS, Hemi, Hazey, Ooops, Westcoast Dread, Mackk Myron, Ray Stizzy, JR Felony, and I’m probably missing some more.

9 – You’re working for the magazine “100barsmag”… what do you do there? For the last 4 or 5 months, I was writing Mixtape/Album reviews with Cortez for 100 Bars under, “The Cort Edition” but I recently had to take a break to create my own website and promote it. But once my site is up and running like I want it to be, I will return to Bars, if he wants me to. I wrote reviews for Ms Fit, John John Da Don, 100 Bulletz, Cortez, and Murda Ave. I also rounded up the TOP videos of the month and contacted each battler for their music links

10 – You also have a new website called “Underground Sounds” (UDG Sounds)… what can people find there? The Ultimate Battle Rap Music group was first before the site. I got upset about 50 Cent tweet about battlers not being able to make music, is what prompted me to make the group. That was a lie for most. And was inspired by Lottazay, Aye Verb and Alex Ross. Lottazay kept saying for the last 6 months you need to blog, get on Tumblr, do something more cause the group isn’t enough. Alex Ross mentioned the site idea to me a few times and Aye Verb semi mentioned something close to this. He said “It’s time for the world to see you” hahahhahahahaha. I think Verb was talking about You Tube though, which is next. It took months for all this to soak in cause this is a heck of a lot when you are doing this alone. It’s a lot of work. And outside of my regular jobs and tax business, plus keeping up with battles and battle rap info, I’m listening to different battlers music to post. I have to catch up with writing reviews for ALL cd/albums on the site, eventually. But some cd’s already have reviews. I recently wrote a review for Lottazay’s new “Elevation” EP. I’m still coming up with new ideas for the site from battle fans and will one day get the site in A+ condition. But I love it, so I really don’t mind. NO COMPLAINTS you will find any battle rapper’s music from URL to KOTD, Street Status, basically any battler. And I do post “SELECTED” HOT non-battlers.

11 – Since you’re supporting battle rappers music… give us your 5 favorite mixtapes from battle rappers… My favorite 5 battle rapper’s mixtapes are Aye Verb’s, “Conversations with an Educated White Woman” Lottazay’s, “Elevation” Illmaculate, “Clay Pigeons” Goodz, “The Hangover” and Ms Fit “Brand New Bag.” BUT I fucks with Bulletz, Calicoe, Will P (Ill Will’s manager), Atlien Workshop, Bigg K & Born.

12 – Your top battler’s music… Cortez, Goodz, Math, Calicoe, Verb, Kay Shine, Ill will, Daylyt, Illmaculate, Lottazay, JC, Big T, Loaded Lux, Tay Roc & Big Kannon.

13 – Later on have you got plan to develop into managing artists or something like that? Good question, I use to manage years ago, but that’s a whole different ballgame. I have had so many artists asking me to manage them for years and lately, even more, but I don’t know. That’s a WHOLE lot more work and stress. I can’t manage an artist who isn’t marketable and won’t listen. I can’t manage an artist who doesn’t want to get with the program. I can’t manage a lazy artist who wants only a sponsor and maid. And I can’t manage an artist who really feel they got talent and don’t for real. That’s a waste of time and money. So right now, it’s a NO. But who knows later on in life. I have been surrounded by rappers majority of my life and I know many outside of battle rap and in battle rap, who are straight winning and not winning.

14 – What would you recommend to a young artist who wants to break through and be heard? MARKET yourself. BUILD a character. BECOME an icon. SLEEP when you die. ALWAYS put your best in your bars and music….you never know who is watching. BE in the public’s eye as much as you can. KEEP a good reputation for always bringing your best……that will take you far. WATCH your character. PUT money into your OWN dream… takes money to make money. REMAIN positive. And MOST OF ALL, BUILD YOUR BLACK BOOK———-CONTACTS, NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK!!!!!!!!


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